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Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Ageing Treatment

Give Your Face a Slimmer Look & Minimize Wrinkles

Our anti-wrinkle treatment is effective in smoothing out lines, as it prevents contraction of the muscles which in turn, lead to formation of wrinkles. The end result, of the treatment, is a much smoother complexion for  your skin. By injecting the masseter muscles with anti-wrinkle serum, the treatment also helps in trimming the broadness of the jaws, giving the face that coveted “V-shaped” look, with slimmer and sharper contours.  The V-shape face is considered the ultimate in facial beauty, and adds youth and freshness to the persona.  This treatment is also useful in treating hyperhidrosis and other similar.

How does anti-wrinkle serum work?

The muscle is injected with a few drops of anti-wrinkle serum, by way of a tiny needle, effectively blocking the transmission of nerve impulses that are responsible for the contractions. With reduced stimulation to the muscle, the lines will begin to soften gradually, imparting a relaxed, smoother, and refreshed look to  your skin. This anti-ageing procedure assures  natural results and so convenient that you can get it done during your lunch hour. It’s the smart and convenient solution to acquire a perfectly-shaped face with youthful skin, and no one will know, unless you choose to tell them! 

How often must I undergo the treatment?

The effects of the treatment, stay for about 4-6 months following the initial procedure. To ensure the results remain intact, we suggest  repeating the procedure over some more sessions. Since every face is unique, we advise a detailed facial assessment prior to the actual treatment.

Who qualifies for the treatment?

Our Facial Slimming/ anti-ageing procedure is ideal for people who struggle  with these conditions:

  • Strong or prominent masseter muscles
  • Chubby or fluffy cheeks (commonly known as 'baby' face') 
  • Roundish face
  • Bruxism (involuntary grinding of teeth at night)
  • Wrinkles forming on the Face
  • Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating in UnderArm areas)
  • Pronounced Expression Lines 
  • Strong or thick Jawline 

Facial Slimming is ideal for individuals who are keen  to acquire sharper, more prominent facial features, and looking for non-surgical options.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

How is the anti-ageing procedure conducted?

Firstly, a numbing cream is applied locally to reduce the discomfort level of the patient. The dosage is calibrated according to the individual pain threshold of each patient. Thereafter, to minimize redness and bruising, a fine needle is used to inject the anti-wrinkle serum in the affected areas. The treatment is a safe, and quick procedure that comes, with minimal to no downtime. What’s more, the effects are also evident as early as  2 weeks of undergoing the initial treatment.