At Ensoul, our aim is to provide you with information about your skin in a series of easy to understand videos.
By understanding your skin condition, you will be able to learn more about the type of
medical aesthetic skin and body treatment modalities that is suitable for you.

Vanish Cellulite Treatment

Vanish Cellulite Treatment

What is Cellulite?

The best approach to treating cellulite, is to first understand the causal factors and the science behind them.

Cellulite takes shape when the fat cells gather and push upwards against the skin even as other connective tissues get pulled downwards. This push – and – pull process results in giving an unsightly, uneven texture to the skin surface. The stomach, hips and thighs are the most common skin areas that cellulite tends to form.

Although cellulite affects both, men and women, it is the women who suffer more commonly due to the difference in distribution patterns of fat, muscle, and connective tissue. While in men, the fibrous septa holding the subcutaneous fat are arranged in a lattice pattern, they are shaped in a parallel pattern for women.

As we age, these connective tissue septa tend to lose their elasticity and grow shorter. Similarly, the subcutaneous fat begins to accumulate and the skin becomes thinner as we lose collagen. As a result, the fat bulges through to create the unsightly nodules on the skin surface. Circulatory insufficiency and inadequate lymphatic drainage are another reason for the formation of cellulite.

It is a common misconception that cellulite will disappear with weight loss. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case always. Since cellulite is located in the upper levels of the skin, when fatty tissue and volume are reduced, the cellulite does not always disappear. Cellulite condition is difficult to treat as there isn’t any one single treatment modality in the market that can effectively remove all the cellulite. But by using an appropriate combination of medical grade technologies, cellulite deposits can be visibly reduced.

How Are The Treatment Options?

There are various of ways to treat cellulite and these treatments are completely safe, non-surgical procedure that’s popular for its fast effectiveness and long-lasting results.

For a more deep cellulite dimple, patients can consider using laser thermolysis machine, a FDA approved machinese that heats up to 47°C to permanently destroy fat cells.This method can remove up to 25% of fat cells.

For Grade 1 or Grade 2 cellulite, patients can consider the microwave therapy – ONDA COOLWAVES(TM). Onda Coolwaves is the latest permanent fat reduction treatment in the medical aesthetic scene. Coolwaves™ refer to special microwaves that selectively target fat cells and reduce localized fat deposits in a safe, effective and non-invasive way. Onda Coolwaves™ microwaves are emitted in a controlled fashion, focusing energy only where it is needed. The smart device includes a high-tech skin cooling system that cools the skin as it counterbalances the heat issued by the microwaves. This preserves the derma, and ensures total patient comfort while reducing risks, inflammation and side effects.

This microwave therapy can treat 3 main body concerns –

  1. Subcutaneous Fat
    Coolwaves™ is able to deeply disrupt the membranes of subcutaneous fat cells safely and effectively.
  2. Fibrous Tissue Septa
    Coolwaves™ effectively target the connective tissue between the adipose lobules in the more advanced stages of cellulite.
  3. Skin Quality
    Coolwaves™ induce an immediate shrinkage of the collagen fibers in the dermis and stimulate the production of new collagen, making tissue more compact and toned.

As an adjunct treatment, we also use a high energy radial shockwave that consists of 2 components – a positive pressure pulse and a comparatively smaller tensile wave component.

The shockwave squeezes the surrounding tissue and breaks the grid structure of the molecules, while the tensile wave collapses gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation) – which then re-expand after the high energy radial shockwaves hit them, resulting in a destabilisation of fat structures.

Visible results can be seen and felt within a few treatments. Your skin will be firmer, smoother and look healthier. Cellulite and stretch marks will be noticeably reduced, or even eliminated.

When Coolwaves™ target adipose tissue, it produces the following effects:

Remodeling of the connective tissue matrix
Adypocite metabolic changes trigger the release of a high amount of destroyed lipids
Initiates a process of lysis of fat cells with adipocyte membrane rupture
Lipids are eliminated via the lymphatic system

Types of Cellulite

There are three grades of cellulite;

Grade One
Cellulite that only appears when you pinch the skin.

Grade Two
Cellulite that appears when you’re standing up and when you lie down, it disappears.

Grade Three
Cellulite, the nodules appear whether you are lying down or standing up.

It is a common misconception that cellulite will disappear with weight loss and it is not the case necessarily because cellulite is located in the upper level of the skin which is why when fatty tissue and volume are reduced, the cellulite does not always disappear.

Cellulite is a difficult to treat condition and as there is no one treatment modality in the market that can effectively remove all cellulite. But, by using a combination of medical grade technologies, we can visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Treatment of Cellulite

Cellulite is mostly present in Gynoid subjects, often found in the front and back of the thighs, knees and buttocks. It is usually more obvious when the skin is pinched although in severe cases it appears even when the subject is relaxed.

If left untreated, the process gradually and inexorably develops into the following phases:

Stage I – Oedema: reversible, characterised by venous-lymphatic stasis, hypo-oxygenation and insufficient drainage of the interstitial fluids. The skin appears spongy and less elastic. Stage I cellulite, usually occurs at the ankles, calves, thighs and arms and is caused by an accumulation of fluid (edema) within the adipose tissue.

Stage II –Initial Fibrosis: normally the fat cells are wrapped in a net of very fine reticular fibres. The persistence of conditions characterising Stage I gives rise to a breaking away of these fibres which react by increasing in number and thickness. The skin appears pallid, spongier, hypothermic, and hypoplastic, and paresthesia begin to manifest with the typical “orange peel” appearance.

Stage III – Fibrosclerosis and Micronodules: stasis becomes accentuated and the entire skin structure breaks down. The collagen and reticular fibres degenerate and tend to create a fibrous, compact weft which encapsulates the fat cells and forms true micronodules. The progression towards sclerosis generates further compromise and distress of the tissues. The skin features described above are accentuated and pain is felt with palpation. In this type of cellulite there is a greater production of connective-fibrous tissue, and the adipose tissue is harder, with possible formation of small nodules.

Stage IV – Sclerosis and Macronodules: the fusing together of several micronodules, leading to the appearance of large macronodules that are painful to the touch. The macronodules can also fuse together. At this stage, which is irreversible, the skin takes on a typical “mattress” physiognomy. Skin streaks appear and there is pain, both spontaneous and with palpation. In this case the nodules that are created are larger and the adipose tissue becomes even harder.

Treatment of Skin Laxity

Skin laxity occurs when there is a relaxation of the dermal-epidermal tissues and subcutaneous layer as a consequence of:

Underlying muscular mass hypotrophy: typically found in thighs and arms when there is insufficient physical activity and dietary imbalances.
Dermal elasto-collagenic components reduction; typically due to ageing and sun-damage supporting fatty tissue reduction; typically due to ageing and sun-damage

The Process


Dr. Kenneth Thean will start by understanding your area of concern and fat reduction goals. After a detailed body assessment completed by our Body Specialist, he will evaluate and assess the suitable treatment plan for you and review what results you can expect from this procedure.

Before Treatment

A detailed body assessment will be conducted by our Body Specialist.

  • 360° 3D Imaging
  • 2D 6-position baseline
  • InBody weight
  • Body fat analysis
  • Tape circumferential measurements
  • Calliper readings

The procedure’s framework will be assessed and marked on the targeted area(s).

During Treatment

The appropriate applicator will be placed onto the area within the planned framework. As the technology only focuses on fat cells, the other tissues will not be affected. Relax and enjoy your treatment in our adjustable bed while streaming your favourite Netflix shows.

After Treatment

A non-invasive shockwave therapy that uses low energy acoustic wave pulsations is applied onto the treated areas to break up the fat cells. This process also helps to enhance circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which increases the elimination of destroyed fat cells.

Warm Sculpting

Achieve Your Ideal Body Shape Naturally with SculpSure

Despite regular exercise and a healthy diet, your body keeps accumulating fat. As a result, clothes become tight and you also have complexes about your appearance. You may have tried out a number of fat-reduction creams, fancy diets and even toyed with the idea of undergoing liposuction. Now, you can opt for SculpSure, a fat disruption technology that is non-invasive, has been clinically tested and found safe and effective.

A laser-based technology, SculpSure is a body contouring treatment that has received FDA clearances. Using a safe medical laser, SculpSure destroys unwanted fat cells in just 25 minutes per treatment. SculpSure does not affect surrounding tissues or fat cells. It can also be applied simultaneously in as many as four areas of the body. It is known to result in fat reduction by as much as 25% in one treatment session

How does SculpSure feel?

The 1060nm wavelength’s specific affinity for adipose tissue, coupled with minimal absorption in the dermis, allows SculpSure to efficiently treat areas of troublesome fat in just 25 minutes per treatment. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells with results seen as quickly as 6 weeks and optimal results usually seen in as few as 12 weeks.

  • Minimal absorption in the dermis leaves the skin’s surface unharmed
  • Advanced Contact Cooling™ enhances patient comfort
  • Feathering of heat spread provides natural-looking results
  • Mild and transient side effects

Patient may experience differently due to the surface area and the amount of fat that is present there. Most times, patient would undergo a cool sensation that keeps the skin surface cool and comfortable throughout the duration of the treatment, while laser energy is focused on the subcutaneous fat cells.

During this phase, the temperatures are generated between 42°C and 47°C , breaking down the subcutaneous fat in the affected areas – without damaging the surrounding tissues. As the laser thermolysis machine utilizes heat energy, it stimulates more collagen and elastin production, giving patients with loose, lax skin – a tighter and firmer skin. The treatment is pain-free and has no downtime or restrictions. The body contouring procedure is so simple and convenient that it’s possible to schedule an appointment even during your lunch break.

The application of heat results in damage to the targeted fat cells’ structure. Subsequently, the damaged fat cells are expelled from the body over the following 8 to 12 weeks.

<Shows Video & The Process Graph>

Treatment for

Treatment Areas

  • Abdomen
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Bra and Back Fat
  • Underneath the Buttocks (Banana Roll)
  • Men Chest (Gynecomastia)
  • Flanks
  • Saddlebags
  • Arms
  • Double Chin (Submental Area) : slimmer appearance of the chin and neck.
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Cellulite

Other Benefits

  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce the appearance of stretchmarks
  • Reduce the appearance and the texture appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce bulging problem areas

Which Treatment is Suitable for me?

Since every person is different in terms of their physical proportions, genetic makeup, lifestyle, dietary habits, treatment suitability can also vary from person to person. Body Sculpting is not a fat reduction procedure that follows the ‘one size fits all’ principle. Research conducted in this area shows that the fat cells are more fragile to therapeutic levels of heat and cold, and are therefore able to be destroyed. Some people have fat cells that are more cold-resistance while the fat cells in others may be heat-resistant. By using a combination of CoolSculpting, which is a fat-freezing procedure, and SculpSure laser thermolysis technologies, we can target both types of fat cell populations. This way your transformation becomes a reality.

At Ensoul, we have dedicated ourselves to help you achieve your specific needs. In that direction, we offer a comprehensive range of services that can convert your dreams of a shapely body into beautiful reality.

The Process


Dr. Kenneth Thean will start by understanding your area of concern and fat reduction goals. After a detailed body assessment completed by our Body Specialist, he will evaluate and assess the suitable treatment plan for you and review what results you can expect from this procedure.

Before Treatment

A detailed body assessment will be conducted by our Body Specialist.

  • 360° 3D Imaging
  • 2D 6-position baseline
  • InBody weight
  • Body fat analysis
  • Tape circumferential measurements
  • Calliper readings

The procedure’s framework will be assessed and marked on the targeted area(s).

During Treatment

The appropriate applicator will be placed onto the area within the planned framework. As the technology only focuses on fat cells, the other tissues will not be affected. Relax and enjoy your treatment in our adjustable bed while streaming your favourite Netflix shows.

After Treatment

A non-invasive shockwave therapy that uses low energy acoustic wave pulsations is applied onto the treated areas to break up the fat cells. This process also helps to enhance circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which increases the elimination of destroyed fat cells.

Muscle Relief Therapy

Muscle Relief Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves creating a series of low energy acoustic wave pulsations that are directly applied to an injury through a person’s skin via a gel medium. The concept and technology originally evolved from the discovery that focused sound waves were capable of breaking down kidney and gallstones. Generated shockwaves have proven successful in a number of scientific studies for the treatment of chronic conditions. Shockwave therapy is its own treatment for a lingering injury, or pain resulting from illness. You don’t need painkillers with it – the purpose of the therapy is to trigger the body’s own natural healing response. Many people report that their pain is reduced and mobility improved after the first treatment.

How does Shock Wave Therapy Works?

Shockwave therapy delivers pneumatically driven shockwaves releasing high energy pulses that travel through the skin, inflamed/thickened tissue, calcification and bone. High energy pulses of ultrasound waves stimulate the body’s self healing process. This results in increased circulation to the injured tissue and the breakdown of scar tissue and calcific deposits.

Shockwaves have shown to increase local blood circulation and metabolism. It helps in fibroblast recruitment and modulation, stimulate the regeneration processes from the healthy tissue surrounding the focus of the affliction; resulting in injury resolution.

Acoustic waves with high energy peak used in Shockwave therapy interact with tissue causing overall medical effects of accelerated tissue repair and cell growth, analgesia and mobility restoration. All the processes mentioned in this section are typically employed simultaneously and are used to treat chronic, sub-acute and acute (advanced users only) conditions.

Shockwave is an acoustic wave which carries high energy to painful spots and myoskeletal tissues with subacute, subchronic and chronic conditions. The energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues.

Shockwaves are characterized by jump change in pressure, high amplitude and non-periodicity.

The kinetic energy of the projectile, created by compressed air, is transferred to the transmitter at the end of the applicator and further into the tissue.

  • New Blood Vessel Formation
    Nutrient blood flow is necessary to start and maintain the repair processes of damaged tissue. The application of acoustic waves creates capillary microruptures in tendon and bone
  • Reversal of Chronic Inflammation
    Mast cells are one of the key components of the inflammatory process. Their activity may be increased by using pervasive acoustic waves.
  • Stimulation of Collagen Production
    The production of a sufficient amount of collagen is a necessary precondition for the repair processes of the damaged myoskeletal and ligamentous structures. Shockwave therapy accelerates procollagen synthesis.
  • Dissolution of Calcified Fibroblasts
    Calcium build-up is most often the result of micro-tears or other trauma to a tendon. Acoustic waves break up the existing calcifications.
  • Dispersion of Pain Mediator “Substance P”
    Substance P is a neurotransmitter that mediates pain information through the C-fibers. This neuropeptide is generally associated with intense, persistent and chronic pain.
  • Release of Trigger Points
    Trigger points are the principal cause of pain in the back, neck, shoulder and limbs. Delivered acoustic energy unblocks the calcium pump and thus reverses the metabolic crisis in the myofilaments and releases the trigger points.

Treatment for

Shockwave therapy has shown to effectively treat the following conditions:

  • Feet – heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis
  • Elbow – tennis and golfers elbow
  • Shoulder – calcific tendinosis of rotator cuff muscles
  • Knee – patellar tendonitis
  • Hip – bursitis
  • Lower leg – shin splints
  • Upper leg – Iliotibial band friction syndrome
  • Back pain – lumbar and cervical spine regions and chronic muscular pain

Some of the benefits of shockwave therapy treatment:

  • Shockwave therapy has excellent cost/effectiveness ratio
  • Non-invasive solution for chronic pain in your shoulder, back, heel, knee or elbow
  • No anesthesia required, no drugs
  • Limited side effects

Main fields of application: orthopedics, rehabilitation, and sport medicine

New research shows that it can have a positive affect on acute pain
After the treatment, you may experience temporary soreness, tenderness or swelling for a few days following the procedure, as the shockwaves stimulate an inflammatory response. But this is the body healing itself naturally. So, it’s important not to take any anti-inflammatory medication after treatment, which may slow down the results.

Upon completion of your treatment you can return to most regular activities almost immediately.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

Are there any side effects?

Shockwave therapy should not be used if there is a circulation or nerve disorder, infection, bone tumor, or a metabolic bone condition. Shockwave therapy should also not be used if there are any open wounds or tumors or during pregnancy pregnant. People using blood-thinning medications or who have severe circulatory disorders may also not be eligible for treatment.

Fat Freezing Body Solution

Safe Fat Freezing in Singapore

Look and Feel your Best

Feeling confident about how you look is a priceless sensation. When you are confident of your appearance, it positively impacts every aspect of how you carry yourself. Building our image is the reason we workout at the gym, maintain a healthy diet or even visit the slimming centre. But, many a time, we seem unable to achieve the expected results. This is particularly true for the problem of stubborn fat deposits in and around our midsection area.

Modern science offers us an explanation for this riddle. By the time we are five years old, the number of adipocytes or fat storage cells we will finally have in our body is, by and large, decided by our genetic programming. Since the number of fat cells in the body is relatively fixed and unchanged, it means that weight gain or loss does not increase of decrease the number of fat cells. The fat cells in our body only increase or decrease in size according to the weight we gain or lose respectively.

Earlier, liposuction was the best solution for people dealing with stubborn fat pockets in the body. But it’s an invasive surgery and also an expensive proposition. Strides in medical science have led to the development of a number of fat reduction technologies that are non-invasive yet effective and safe.

Fat freezing Singapore

Introducing the Coolsculpting Fat Freezing Technology

CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing technology that has its genesis in the portals of Harvard University and those of Massachusetts General Hospital. Having successfully cleared FDA norms, the procedure has been safely performed upon millions of people all over the world. It has over 50 peer-reviewed medical papers and over 7 million treatment cycles. These clinical papers show patient satisfaction ratings beyond 85% with up to 20 to 25% reduction of body fat in specified areas.

How does it work?

The CoolSculpting procedure is primarily applied on patients having more of the ‘pinchable’ type of fat deposits in their bodies. A cup-shaped vacuum applicator will be placed on the skin surface atop the fatty deposits. Follow up by applying a cooling technology that is patented, and targets fat cells with extremely low temperatures (-13° C), under controlled conditions. Under the impact of extremely low temperatures, the fat cells in the targeted areas, crystallize and die. They are later ejected through the body’s natural waste disposal mechanism. The procedure results in significant reduction in the fat layer thickness below the skin surface, less localized fat and a better-proportioned body.

A Comprehensive Body Solution with Shorter Treatment Time

You have heard of fat freezing and laser thermolysis by now, both technologies help to eliminate fat in a non-surgical procedure that helps you shape your body to the best of its capabilities.


Two Is Better Than One. The dual part of Dual-Sculpting means you can have two different areas treated at the same time during one appointment. This method advancements can deliver a more ‘balance’ and ‘noticeable’ results with greater comfort for a shorter amount of time as more trouble spots can be treated at one time.


Have multiple areas to treat? Depending on the area(s) of treatment, we can apply Ensoul’s Burn & Freeze Contouring Treatment Procedure to target the different parts of the body. This method uses two different fat reduction modalities in one session. For example, we can apply fat freezing technique on the left and right flanks while simultaneously applying laser thermolysis modalities on your thighs.

The art of this technique helps to shorten the appointment times and patients would be able to see more comprehensive results sooner as more trouble spots are treated within one visit.

Fat freezing Singapore treatment

The Applicators

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. CoolSculpting offers a wide range of applicators which can be optimized to fit different body shapes and sizes especially the harder-to-reach areas.

CoolAdvantage+ Petite Applicator

Designed to target flabby arms, knees, bra fat, under the buttocks

CoolMax + Applicator

Targets larger abdomen, commonly use for volume reduction or de-bulking.

CoolMini + Applicator

Designed for smaller areas of fat like submental area (double chin) or axilla fat (known as armpit or bra fat)

CoolAdvantage+ Applicator

Interchangeably with CoolCurve+, CoolFit, CoolCore applicators, suitable for love handles, back,bra fat, abdomen, under the buttocks and inner thighs

CoolSmooth+ Pro Applicator

Designed ideally for non-pinchable areas of fat (eg. Abdomen, Flanks, Outer Thighs)

The latest CoolSculpting applicator features an enhanced cup design with an a larger cooling feature to increase the direct contact with the tissues and also to maximise patient comfort. With the direct application, treatment time is also reduced significantly.

The Fat Freezing Process


Dr. Kenneth Thean will start by understanding your area of concern and fat reduction goals. After a detailed body assessment completed by our Body Specialist, he will evaluate and assess the suitable treatment plan for you and review what results you can expect from this procedure.

Before Treatment

A detailed body assessment will be conducted by our Body Specialist.

  • 360° 3D Imaging
  • 2D 6-position baseline
  • InBody weight
  • Body fat analysis
  • Tape circumferential measurements
  • Calliper readings

The procedure’s framework will be assessed and marked on the targeted area(s).

During Treatment

The appropriate applicator will be placed onto the area within the planned framework. As the technology only focuses on fat cells, the other tissues will not be affected. Relax and enjoy your treatment in our adjustable bed while streaming your favourite Netflix shows.

After Treatment

A non-invasive shockwave therapy that uses low energy acoustic wave pulsations is applied onto the treated areas to break up the fat cells. This process also helps to enhance circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which increases the elimination of destroyed fat cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I see results?
You will start noticing results as soon as 3 weeks after undergoing the treatment. The results of CoolSculpting procedure will be visible in around 2 to 3 months. However, the destroyed fat cells will continue to be removed from the body for as long as 6 months.

How many treatments will I need for the CoolSculpting?
It varies from person to person as each of us is different in terms of physical proportions, problem areas, genetic makeup and dietary habits. A clear picture of treatment requirements will emerge after a personal consultation with Dr. Kenneth Thean/ Dr Chiam. Based on the findings of the consultation, the treatment plan will be finalized.

Am I the Ideal Candidate for CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting is not meant to be a weight reduction program for people who are grossly overweight or obese. CoolSculpting is aimed at achieving better body contours by ridding the stubborn fat cells that resist conventional solutions like diet control and exercise.

CoolSculpting is for you, if:

  • You are relatively healthy;
  • You can grab at least an inch of fat, from the desired area, between your thumb and index finger;
  • You are not pregnant.
  • To find out if CoolSculpting is for you, contact us at +65 6836 2833 or WhatsApp +65 9646 3242

How does it work and what type of results can I expect?
Since each of us is unique and have our own individual factors, it is important that we develop, after a detailed consultation, a customized treatment plan based upon your specific goals and concerns, and the constraints of your body. Studies have indicated that average fat reduction in people who underwent CoolSculpting was in 20-25% range and is long lasting, especially in people who live a healthy lifestyle.

What are the risks?
CoolSculpting is a relatively safe procedure with minimal health risks attached to it. Common side effects associated with the procedure include tingling, minor bruising of the skin, redness or numbness in the targeted area. However, these side-effects are not permanent and generally disappear within a few days.

What does it feel like?
It’s a painless procedure and the only sensation that patients feel during the procedure is that of cold air against the treatment area. Apart from a gentle, tugging sensation against the skin surface, when the applicator is applied against it, there is no pain or discomfort involved. The treatment generally lasts between half an hour to two hours.

How much does the CoolSculpting procedure cost?
The cost of CoolSculpting depends upon factors like the size of the targeted area, the number of areas to be treated, the patient’s desired results etc. Visit us and avail a complimentary consultation session today.

Can I do both CoolSculpting and SculpSure together?
Of course, it is possible to simultaneously undergo SculpSure and CoolSculpting procedures on the same day or in the same week, on different parts of the body. Since some fat cells are sensitive to heat and others are sensitive to cold, using both the procedures will help achieve better results.

For more information, call +65 6836 2833 or WhatsApp us on +65 9646 3242

Fat removal is possible through any of these three methods. Liposuction is a surgical treatment that has to be done under anaesthesia, and sucks out fat with the help of tubes inserted into the targeted fat areas. It is an invasive procedure and takes time to heal. On the other hand, CoolSculpt And Sculpsure are non-invasive, non-surgical procedures that use extremely low temperatures and high temperatures respectively to rid the body of fat cells.

Ensoul Body Tightening

Tighten and Contour your Body with EN-TIGHTENING

Body contouring has become a highly popular aesthetic procedure for patients looking for a non-invasive way to tighten loose skin, particularly after weight loss. Delivering amazing results with no downtime, EndyMed’s body contouring solutions provide the strongest, most effective treatments for body toning, tightening, and cellulite reduction.


Designed by experts in dermatology and RF technology, EndyMed tightening and contouring hand pieces are designed to deliver clinically proven effective treatments across a wide range of areas, providing the most in-demand aesthetic treatments today. An unparalleled experience, all EndyMed tightening and contouring treatments are 100% safe, comfortable and painless, suitable for all skin types and colors. Treatments offer immediate and long term superior results with no downtime.

EndyMed’s 3DEEP RF body contouring handpieces offer the most comprehensive and clinically proven body tightening and contouring treatments available today, with no discomfort, and very high patient satisfaction. EndyMed’s innovative body contouring handpieces offer superior solutions for cellulite and circumference reduction, shaping and contouring, with shorter treatment times and no treatment downtime.


This treatment can target large areas of the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) or smaller sections (neck, lower jaw, upper arms, chest, knees). Whether performed on the face or other parts of the body, EndyMed skin tightening relies on the same proven 3DEEP technology to smooth, tighten, shape and contour skin. It relies on deep dermal heating of collagen fibers to stimulate long-term tightening.

How it works: Thermal energy targets the sub-dermal layer of the skin in order to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. Due to that stimulation, collagen begins to rebuild, leading to a tighter, firmer appearance in the treatment area.

Benefits include:

  • Smoother, more attractive skin
  • Noninvasive procedure with no discomfort
  • No downtime
  • Capable of working on small or large parts of the body

Skin Boosters

Skin Booster Singapore

What is Skin Booster and how can it help with my skin?

As we grow older, our skin loses collagen, fat, hyaluronic acid and water. This inevitable process begins as early as 20-28 years of age. The long and stressful work hours that define most of our lives also result in skin and pores that are dry, baggy, rough and wrinkled. The skin moisturizers that many of us resort to are not an effective way of solving these problems. So, what are Skin Boosters?


Skinboosters (水光针) treatment works by delivering stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA) under the skin using a series of micro-injections. Stabilised HA is a gel-like substance found naturally in the body that maintains hydration in the skin by absorbing water and bringing deep skin hydration to the treated areas.

By doing so, it smoothens the skin from the inside and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, it creates luminous skin by hydrating your skin and improving its texture, firmness, and elasticity.

Benefits of the skin booster treatment:

The dermal fillers used are very fluid, so the final result is smooth.
With the production of new collagen and elastin, patients can expect firmer and more youthful skin.
The treatment is suitable for most patients and skin types
Gold standard skin hydrator for radiant and glowing skin,

How often must I repeat the treatment?

Although you can see good result after the first session, we usually recommend that Restylane Skinboosters (水光针) treatment be done over 3 initial treatments with 4 weeks apart. Once the initial 3-treatment program is completed, we recommend that you undergo one treatment every 6 months for long-lasting result.

Treatment for

The treatment is highly recommended for patients who seek to improve their skin’s overall quality and degree of hydration. Skin boosters have the following benefits:

  • The fluidity of the dermal fillers used results in smooth skin.
  • The production of new collagen and elastin gives rise to dewier and firmer skin, creating a youthful and radiant look.
  • The treatment hydrates skin well and produces radiant, sparkling skin.
  • The treatment is suitable for most skin types.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

During the treatment, an advanced micro-injection machine is used to direct a series of micro-injections just below the surface of the skin. These injections are performed to activate fibroblasts, a type of cell that promotes new collagen and elastin formation, and to deliver hyaluronic acid, creating skin and pores that are healthy, radiant and plump. Depending on the patient’s needs, the treatment can last for 20-40 minutes.

Numbing cream is applied to the areas of treatment to reduce pain and discomfort. The skin booster itself contains anaesthetic properties, making the treatment safe and gentle on the skin. Mild bruising or swelling might result but the symptoms typically disappear after treatment. If they persist, consult your doctor for more information.

Note that the treatment is unsuitable for female patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Schedule a consultation with us if you wish to find out more about our skin boosters treatment in Singapore.

Rejuran Skin Healer

Reverse Signs of Aging with PDRN Therapy

Rejuran is a skin healing treatment that has surged in popularity in recent years. Rejuran is also commonly referred to as Rejuran Healer, PDRN Therapy, Miracle Healer Injection, or 婴儿针.

So what is Rejuran Healer?

Rejuran Healer is a filler treatment made of polynucleotides(PN). Nucleotides put together form a long chain of polynucleotide, also known as DNA. Simply put, polynucleotide is DNA. It was first made popular in Asian countries such as Korea and Japan where smooth, luminous complexion was viewed as beautiful and healthy.

The DNA extract in Rejuran Healer is obtained from salmon. Other than providing you omega-3 fatty acids if you consume the fish, salmon DNA possesses multiple benefits for the skin. Research has shown that salmon DNA is an effective key ingredient for addressing aging skin by rejuvenating and repairing the skin from inside.

Because of its natural skin rejuvenating and healing effects, Rejuran Healer treatment is often used by doctors to treat the following conditions, often with very good results:

  • Dark eye circles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne scars


What is Polynucleotide (PN)?

A Polynucleotide molecule is a biopolymer composed of 13 or more nucleotide monomers covalently bonded in a chain. It is created using salmon DNA fragments, which is known to be safe and compatible in the human body without causing any adverse side effects.

The use of PN in skin rejuvenation is mainly based on the wound healing an anti-inflammatory properties, with many studies having shown that PN stimulates cell growth and wound healing.

These molecules have been proven to induce long term skin regeneration from within the inner skin layer, therefore improving skin health, skin elasticity and restores skin damage caused by aging and sun.

How It Works

Topical numbing cream is applied prior to treatment to minimise any pain or discomfort. Rejuran Healer is placed in the inner skin layer by a series of micro-injections to activate self-regeneration ability of skin, improve thickness of epidermis and dermis and overall elasticity of skin, keeping you looking youthful and achieving healthy skin.

Benefits of Rejuran Healer:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Improves skin density and elasticity
  • Improves skin texture and skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Recovers protective layers of skin
  • Balances oil and moisture of skin
  • Pore tightening
  • Reduces sebum

Treatment for

What is the difference between Skin Boosters & Skin Healer?

Although both treatments are administered in a rather similar manner, they have different functions and work quite differently.

Restylane SkinBoosters using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to moisturise the skin by administering tiny amounts in the superficial layer of the skin. This treatment gives the skin a smoother appearance by plumping up the skin, which leads to reduced appearance of fine lines.

On the other hand, Rejuran Healer treatment takes a more aggressive approach to anti-aging. It repairs and heals damaged skin cells and reverses signs of aging to keep the skin young and healthy.

In conclusion, both Restylane SkinBoosters and Rejuran Healer treatments work in very different ways to address aging and promote skin rejuvenation. Combining both treatments can achieve better anti-aging and skin rejuvenation effects.

Best For

People with severely aged skin who wish to undergo non-surgical treatment to repair the skin from within. Rejuran Healer is also a suitable treatment for people with dull, patchy skin with wrinkles and fine lines. Adults with scars can also achieve good wound healing results with this treatment. Overall, Rejuran Healer is a great option for people who wish to achieve age-reversal and youth-regenerating effects non-surgically.

Treatment areas:

Face, cheek, lips, neck, hands, knees, and on stretchmarks. It can very well target difficult areas like the corner of your eyes, the corners of the mouth and the area under the eyes.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

What can I expect after the treatment?

You may get some mild swelling at the injection sites. However, the redness and swelling should be significantly reduced with LED Red Light Therapy. Most people can go back to work almost immediately.

It is also important to understand that this treatment does not involve facial augmentation using dermal fillers, therefore you are unlikely to see any visible results instantly.

Skin healing process usually takes about 4 weeks to take effect and repair the skin from the inside. As Rejuran Healer treatment is essentially a skin healing procedure using salmon DNA, it takes about 4 weeks to see any visible improvement in your skin texture.

Rejuran Healer is composed of high biocompatible DNA fragment to our body; it has no side effects such as tolerance and immune response after administration and restore skin fundamentally without overgrowth.

To yield the full benefits of Rejuran Healer treatment, it is advisable to undergo a skin healing program of 4 sessions about 3 weeks apart. This is to ensure that the results are long-lasting and sustainable.

En-Lite Dermal Fillers

Skin Lifting with Dermal Fillers

We believe that in order to make someone look their best, it is important to truly understand the art of beauty. By making subtle changes to facial features using dermal fillers, it is possible to achieve a more youthful look and reverse the signs of aging – naturally.

Dermal fillers also known as facial fillers, are the perfect procedure for people who want to improve their facial features but are unwilling to experience any potential complications of surgery. Non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers has been growing in popularity across Singapore and throughout the rest of Asia. This treatment enhances your facial features by improving your contours and restore lost volume. It also adds smoothness to your skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


What is Juvederm?

Juvéderm is a same-day treatment that can be used to give you a long-lasting and natural beauty lift. It can smoothen wrinkles and folds, give your mouth a fuller, more sensuous form, or restore facial volume which has been lost with age. Results are immediate and discrete, with little or no recovery time.

Juvéderm is made from NASHA gel (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid). HA is found naturally in our skin. The resilience and youthful contours of your skin and its ability to counter the effects of time, wind and weather, owes much to hyaluronic acid (HA). Juvéderm Volite contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid which allow the duration of efficacy to be much longer than the normal HAs. It can absorb water 100 times its weight to give our skin its youthful, plump appearance. This marvelous molecule is now used in most dermal fillers to delay aging. Commonly known as “Liquid Facelift” which not only restores lost volume, but also fills up wrinkles, and lifts aging skin. This treatment can improve skin’s hydration in 1 treatment for up to 9 months.

The consistency of the NASHA gel in Juvéderm is custom tailored to match the tissue structures in your skin. Nutrients, oxygen and hormones pass freely though the gel, maintaining the health and vitality of your skin. Injections of Juvéderm stimulates your body to produce more of its own natural collagen in the treated areas, and this can contribute to improve which you will experience gradually. Since the body has its own system for absorbing hyaluronic acid, it slowly disappears over time without a trace.

Juvederm Volite is one of the products that can be used to hydrate the lips as well.

Treatment for

What are some areas suitable for dermal filler treatment?

Dermal fillers are so versatile that they can be used for many indications such as wrinkles, fine lines, cheek and chin augmentation, nose enhancement, forehead contouring and many other facial corrections. When performed by an experienced doctor, the treatment can be incredibly convenient and natural-looking with minimal downtime. As most people wants to look as natural as possible, the placement of dermal fillers by an experienced doctor is key.

​Other areas that are suitable for dermal filler treatment includes;

  • Lips Contouring
  • Undereye (To reduce the appearance of eyebags and dark eye circles)
  • Facelift with strategic placement of dermal fillers. 

What are the side effects?

Some patients may experience some bruising or mild swelling immediately after the treatment. These side effects should resolve on its own in a matter of hours or up to 2 days. You may consider applying concealer over those areas until the treated area is no longer visible.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

How is the treatment done?

A consult with the doctor is essential to discuss the problem areas and the desired result you wish to achieve. The doctor will let you know what improvements you can expect.

HA will be injected directly into the areas to be treated. The HA gel will stimulate your own’s skin supply of hyaluronic acid. At the same time, it adds volume to deficient areas and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines to make them less visible. This procedure is convenient, it can take about 30 minutes to complete.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Ageing Treatment

Slim Your Face & Reduce Wrinkles

​​​Our anti-wrinkle treatment helps to smooth out lines by preventing the muscles from contracting into a wrinkle, giving your skin a smoother complexion. The treatment can also reduce the broadness of the jaws through injection of anti-wrinkle serum into the masseter muscles, hence, giving an overall slimmer and sharper face known as the "V-shape" face. This V-Shape face is known to give individual a more youthful and fresher look. Other debilitating conditions such as hyperhidrosis can also be treated.

How does it work?

​A few drops of anti-wrinkle serum is injected with a tiny needle into the muscle, blocking the nerve impulses that cause the contractions. As the stimulation to the muscle weakens, the lines will also gradually soften, giving your skin a more refreshed, relaxed and smoother complexion. This anti-ageing treatment procedure gives natural results and can be completed during your lunch hour. An ideal treatment to a smaller face and smoother skin that no one will even know you had had them done.

How often must I repeat the treatment?

​The treatment can last about 4-6 months after the initial treatment. To maintain the results, we recommend to complete a few more sessions. As every face is different, a detailed facial assessment is required in order to advise.

Who is a suitable candidate?

Our Facial Slimming/ anti-ageing treatment is suitable for people with people with the following conditions:

  • Strong masseter muscles
  • Chubby cheeks (or 'baby' face') 
  • Round face
  • Bruxism (involuntary teeth grinding) at night
  • Wrinkles on Face
  • Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating on UnderArm)
  • Minimize Expression Lines 
  • Strong Jawline Individuals who want to reduce

Facial Slimming is recommended for individual who wants to have a sharper, prominent facial feature and would like to opt for non-surgical options.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

How is the treatment administered?

Depending on the pain threshold of each patient, numbing cream can be applied to reduce any discomfort. A fine needle will be used to inject the anti-wrinkle serum to reduce any redness or bruising. The treatment is safe, fast, with minimal to no downtime, and effects can be seen as soon as 2 weeks after the initial treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation IPL

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation, also known as IPL photorejuvenation, is a popular “must-have” facial skin rejuvenation therapy these days. It is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment designed to produce younger and healthier looking skin. Studies performed worldwide have shown that IPL photorejuvenation is much more superior than what facial cream and products can do.

What Is Skin Rejuvenation?

Constant exposure to the sun can damage the skin and cause common skin imperfections such as redness, freckles, age spots and uneven skin texture. And to help you combat this skin damage, Clear Skincare Clinics’ simple and affordable IPL Rejuvenation Treatments works to rejuvenate your skin and visibly reduce skin imperfections. Delivering intense pulsed light to the skin and is absorbed by unwanted skin pigmentations, causing the pigment to shatter and seal the surrounding small blood vessels. The heat energy of the laser stimulates new collagen production, firms the skin and reduces skin pore size, resulting in a more perfect looking skin.


An IPL treatment uses the power of broadband light to improve the appearance of sun spots, rosacea, age spots, and skin texture. The treatment can also be used for hair removal, photo rejuvenation, as well as to alleviate dermatologic diseases like acne. It is a popular treatment because its effective, affordable, and non-invasive.

What Do IPL Procedures Do For Your Skin?

A handheld device is passed across the skin delivering pulses of broad spectrum light to the deep layers of the skin. Since the handheld device employs a light to influence the skin on a molecular level, there is no need for any incisions or injections. You can think of it like a blinking flashlight, sending out scattered wavelengths of light, making an IPL very targeted for specific problem areas or skin concerns.

What Does The IPL Treatment Look and Feel Like?

<Shows video>

How will it improve my skin?

IPL is one of the most effective treatments for removing pigmentation (brown spots and sun spots.) It can also remove diffused redness and red spider veins, leaving your skin younger and fresher. IPL also stimulates the cells responsible for producing collagen, thereby improving the texture of your skin, refining the size of your pores and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. It is ideal for the face, neck and chest and also for the backs of the hands.

Who Does it Suit?

IPL is ideal if you are noticing colour changes in your skin, such as redness or pigmentation. IPL treats sun damage, eliminates most pigmentation, evens out red veins to restore evenly coloured skin, improves skin radiance, reduces pore size and freshens skin to delay ageing. It is not suitable for darker skin colours. IPL is also a fast, safe method of long-term hair removal all over the body.

What the treatment involves:

Depending of the patient’s skin condition, the doctor will regulate the intensity of the light pulses. The light pulses have a specific range of wavelengths, which will heat up the problem areas. Treatment usually takes about 20 minutes.

After the treatment:

In general, most patients can resume normal activities and apply make-up immediately. The treated area may be slightly red. This usually fades away after several hours. Patients are advised to apply sunscreen on the treated area before leaving the clinic to protect the treated area from sunlight. It is normal for areas with pigmentation to turn darker in colour. These areas will take 5 to 7 days to return to normal skin colour.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

How many sessions do I need?

IPL photorejuvenation can be done regularly for facial skin improvement and maintenance. You can also have a “quick fix” IPL photorejuvenation session done to give your facial skin a boost, about 1 week before attending an important event.

For optimal results, more than 1 treatment sessions will be required. The number of sessions and efficacy of treatment vary from person to person, depending on the existing skin condition and individual skin concern. The optimal IPL Photorejuvenation treatment protocol consists of 4 to 8 treatments. Each treatment is 3 to 4 weeks apart.

IPL photorejuvenation can be done concurrently with other treatment for even better skin rejuvenation results

Skin Peel Renewal

Skin Peel Renewal

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a skin resurfacing procedure that can improve the skin quality and appearance of the skin on the face, neck and/or hands.

This non invasive treament uses chemical solution to exfoliate the top layers of the dead skin cells to allow new skin to regrow. Giving the new and regenerated skin a much smoother feel and radiant glow.

There are three basic types of chemical peels:

  1. Superficial or lunchtime peel: The chemical peel is used to penetrate only the outer layer of skin to gently exfoliate it. The treatment is used to improve the appearance of mild skin discoloration and rough skin as well as to refresh the face, neck, chest or hands.
  2. Medium peel: The medium peel is used to penetrate the outer and middle layers of skin to remove damaged skin cells. The treatment is used to improve age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and moderate skin discoloration. It also can be used to smooth rough skin and treat some precancerous skin growths, i.e. actinic keratosis.
  3. Deep peel: Trichloroacetic acid or phenol is applied to deeply penetrate the middle layer of skin to remove damaged skin cells. The treatment removes moderate lines, age spots, freckles and shallow scars. Patients will see a dramatic improvement in skin appearance. The procedure is used on the face and only can be performed once.

What are the benefits of chemical peel?

Chemical peel is effective in treating a range of skin conditions because the desired depth of the damage is entirely dependent upon the doctor after assessing the skin condition to be treated.

If performed by an experienced doctor, the treated skin will be visibly brighter, resulting in a more youthful complexion with less visible appearance of pigmentation.

Unlike traditional chemical peels that work by damaging the surface skin to get to the deeper, newer skin underneath, Our skin peel uses a patented technology that does not immediately damage the surface of the skin. Acid activity starts when the chemical is fully absorbed by the skin, and acid protons are activated in a controlled manner as they exert their full effects on different layers of the skin.

With less immediate damage done on the skin surface, Skin Peel Renewal is a remarkable chemical peel treatment that causes less surface trauma without compromising on the efficacy of the treatment.

It is also effective for treating conditions such as pigmentation, wrinkles, acne and uneven skin tone and texture.

Treatment for

Who is a good candidate for chemical peel?

This chemical peel treatment is best suited for people with sun-damaged skin, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and fine lines on the skin. It can also be used to treat some superficial acne scarring.

This gentle chemical peel is also beneficial for people with acne-prone skin because of severely clogged pores. This treatment gently removes the accumulation of dead skin cells and debris that are lodged deeply in the pores. By doing so, it clears the skin to reduce the inflammation and growth of Propionibacterium acnes, an acne bacteria.

What is the downtime associated with skin peel renewal treatment?

Unlike traditional chemical peel that damages the skin surface, this chemical peel induces very little damage and has minimal downtime. This effective chemical peel allows the patient to resume their daily activities after the procedure.

Additional Benefits

  • Deep cleansing for the skin
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Unclogging of pores, removal of dead skin cells
  • Brighter, softer skin
  • Skin rejuvenation and repair
  • Reduce uneven skin tone and texture

Repair Acne MediFacial

Repair Acne MediFacial

The Ensoul Medi Glow Facial (70mins) is a unique face therapy for deep cleansing, smoothening and improving your skin tone and texture. Suitable for all skin types, the treatment is customised and tailored to the individ- ual’s needs. It is excellent for eliminating acne, wrinkles and brightening up dull skin and giving it a natural radiant glow.

Before embarking upon a treatment, Our doctors first assess the patient’s skin condition and prescribes a customised treatment combination that is appropriate for the individual’s skin needs.

The Process

1. Deep Cleansing
Firstly, our therapist cleanses the patients’ face using DR. KT’s Oil Free Cleanser to remove all traces of make up, oil and sweat that have accumulated on the skin, through the course of the day. Proper and thor- ough cleansing is crucial as it prevent surface breakouts and also helps to brighten any dullness, ultimately enhancing skin complexion.

2. Skin Peel Repair
After cleansing, a layer of skin peel repair is applied to help to clear excess sebum and debris from the skin follicles. This stage of the therapy aids in clearing active acne lesions and also prevents the formation of fu- ture acne lesions. The dermabrasion also helps in reducing wrinkles and discolourations of the skin.

3. Medical Extraction
Medical extractions are an important part of the acne treatment process. Medical extractions are considered an excellent way to clean out comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and also help in speedier clearing of acne. When applied in combination with a chemical peel, medical extractions prove even more effective in the treatment of acne. During the medical extraction process, the therapist will extract the clogged pores, comedones, and inflammatory acne lesions on the skin. This process works even better when performed immediately after a chemical peel. This is because the chemical peel helps to firmly remove excess sebum and debris from the skin follicles, resulting in neutralisation of active acne lesions and the prevention of fu- ture acne lesions.

4. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) – Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation
IPL laser is a medical technology where an intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse light is passed through the skin. The filtered bands of light are made up of various wavelengths that deeply penetrate the skin and effec- tively solve the different skin-related concerns. In Medi Glow Facial therapy, two types of light are utilised- Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation.

Treatment for

IPL Hair Removal Benefit

The bacteria that cause oily skin, travel from the skin’s pores via facial hair, resulting in the oil and bacteria spreading to adjacent pores. Clients with thick, dark hair, usually suffer ingrown hairs that spread bacteria, trapped in the pores, leading to acne flare ups. Eliminating hair, with facial laser hair removal, will signifi- cantly reduce breakouts because there will no longer be any hair available, for the bacteria to cling on to. The sebaceous glands are also likely to produce less oil after a treatment. And with less oil, there’s less acne.
Since acne develops when the skin cells don’t shed properly—meaning they don’t exit your body—unblock- ing these glands will substantially reduce further development of acne as sebum, oils, and bacteria will no longer be trapped within them. The scars that usually accompany current outbreaks of acne, will also get re- duced.

Skin Rejuvenation with IPL

The additional benefit of IPL is that it instantly rejuvenates the skin apart from lightening the dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation. IPL technology comes with the advantage of stimulating collagen production in the subdermal layer of the skin and acting as a pore minimiser. You can literally witness fine lines and wrinkles disappear, leaving you with a smoother, more even skin tone and complexion. With new genera- tion IPL technology, you can heal damaged skin, restoring your natural complexion with an added radiance.

Hydro Cooling Anti-Aging Mask

The Hydro Cooling Anti-Aging Mask has several peeling edges, which are very effective at exfoliating the skin. It helps to remove dead cells form the outermost layer of the skin which in turn help exfoliation, clean- ing out impurities to rejuvenate the complexion.

Tonifying activity Spirulina is very rich in vitamins E, C and A (retinol) – recognised for their anti-ageing activity. While stimulating the cell’s renewal, they improve the tissues’ tonicity. The vitamin A has an espe- cially skin-tightening effect while increasing the collagen fiber’s rejuvenation rate. Associated with the vita- min E and its strong anti-oxidant action, the vitamin A helps to firm up the skin. The menthol cryo-complex content in the mask has a calming and refreshing action. Spirulina, with origins in the marine world, strengthens this feeling thanks to the revitalising minerals and trace elements it releases.

When applied to the face, it behaves as a second skin which takes on the exact shape of the treated area’s contours. A skin-tightening effect is felt during the treatment. The mask contains algae that helps cool and refresh the skin. has Along with a lifting effect and anti-inflammatory action, it – tightens enlarged pores, improves blood circulation, increases oxygen supply and promotes the resorption of stagnant spots from acne and pimples. Its draining effect (improves blood flow and lymph flow) improves the complexion and serves as a good barrier against premature aging.

The advantages of the mask are that it is useful and effective for normal, combination, dry, and oily skin types. Alginate mask can be used for the care of aged skin – one of its distinct advantage as it prevents the appearance of early wrinkles by promoting smooth skin and balancing the skin tone.

Hydra Cleanse Medi Facial

Hydra Skin Rejuvenation Facial (60 minutes)

Your Medi Facial For Dry Skin & Uneven Skin Tones

Gift your skin a fresh lease of life with the Hydra Skin Rejuvenation Facial. With its soothing, refreshing action, this non-irritating facial therapy removes dead skin cells. Extracts impurities through deep double cleansing, exfoliation, and medical extractions. Nourishes the skin by infusing hydrating vitamins through the top layers of the skin, into the deeper layers through the charged molecules. Boosts the production of fresh skin cells and collagen, to give your skin an instantly gratifying glow.

What is Hydra Medi Facial Therapy?

Every day your skin is exposed to free radicals like pollution, sun and stress which damage the vital skin cells like collagen and elastin that keep you looking fresh and young. Hydra MEDI Facial therapy is a 5 step treatment that merges soothing and invigorating spa therapies with a patented 4-in-1 Vortex Fusion technology to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin, delivering instant, lasting results.

An ideal treatment for those who are looking to maintain the healthy condition of your skin or to tackle issues such as wrinkles, acne or pigmentation, Hydra Medi Facial therapy can be catered to your skin’s needs.

The Hydra Medi Facial therapy is a resurfacing procedure that provides cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. A non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, it uses Vortex-Fusing antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid for better and instant results. The unique spiral design makes it easy to dislodge and remove impurities through a vortex effect, while simultaneously hydrating skin with potent antioxidants. This technology helps you to achieving better and more even results

  1. Start off by removing any make up residues on the face
  2. Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and skin resurfacing to remove surface impurities. Most patients describe the treatment as a “cool paint brush” moving slowly across the face.
  3. During the treatment, the tip of the device will be directed across your skin to slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores with painless Vortex suction
  4. Infuse skin with antioxidants and peptides with Vortex-Fusion technology for maximum penetration to nourish skin
  5. Protect and lock in the nutrients from a customised mask to improve suppleness, rejuvenate and regain youthful and healthy skin.

Treatment for

Hydra Medi Facial therapy is suitable for all skin types and for anyone who has the following skin concerns:

  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dry or Dehydrated Skin
  • Oily / Congested Skin
  • Clogged / Enlarged Pores

Many people report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment. A series of treatments is recommended for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and oily/acne-prone skin.

Aqua Boost HydraFacial

Aqua Hydra Facial (90 minutes)

​Hydrate and Nourish Your Skin For A Youthful Look

Aqua Hydra Facial is the latest age-defying solution that leaves your skin plumped up, refreshed and healthy-looking. A multi-step deep cleansing & rejuvenating facial treatment that gently removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities on the skin, it simultaneously bathes the new skin with multi-vitamins and minerals that penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermal layer of skin through charged molecules. A painless facial treatment that improves blood flow, lymph flow, and improves the complexion. Serves as a barrier against premature aging.

What is Aqua Hydra Medi Facial Therapy?

Every day your skin is exposed to free radicals like pollution, sun and stress which damage the vital skin cells like collagen and elastin that keep you looking fresh and young. Aqua Hydra MEDI Facial therapy is a 6 step treatment that merges soothing and invigorating spa therapies with a patented 4-in-1 Vortex Fusion technology to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin, delivering instant, lasting results.

An ideal treatment for those who are looking to maintain the healthy condition of your skin or to tackle issues such as wrinkles, acne or pigmentation, Hydra Medi Facial therapy can be catered to your skin’s needs.

The Aqua Hydra Medi Facial therapy is a resurfacing procedure that provides cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. A non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, it uses Vortex-Fusing antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid for better and instant results. The unique spiral design makes it easy to dislodge and remove impurities through a vortex effect, while simultaneously hydrating skin with potent antioxidants. This technology helps you to achieving better and more even results

  1. Start off by removing any make up residues on the face
  2. Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and skin resurfacing to remove surface impurities. Most patients describe the treatment as a “cool paint brush” moving slowly across the face.
  3. During the treatment, the tip of the device will be directed across your skin to slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores with painless Vortex suction
  4. Infuse skin with antioxidants and peptides with Vortex-Fusion technology for maximum penetration to nourish skin
  5. Protect and lock in the nutrients from a customised mask to improve suppleness, rejuvenate and regain youthful and healthy skin.
  6. Relax and unwind with a stress-relieving head and shoulder massage

HydraFacial Treatment in Singapore—Who is it suited for?

The Aqua Hydra Medi Facial therapy is suitable for all skin types and for anyone who has the following skin concerns:

  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dry or Dehydrated Skin
  • Oily / Congested Skin
  • Clogged / Enlarged Pores

Many people report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment. A series of treatments is recommended for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and oily/acne-prone skin.

Nano Scar Resurfacing

Your Solutions to Deep Acne Scarring.

What is Venus Viva Nanofractional RF™ Resurfacing?

Venus Viva™ is a revolutionary, fully customizable FDA cleared solution for facial remodeling and skin resurfacing. Delivering impressive efficacy through combining NanoFractional Radio Frequency™ (RF) and one-of-a-kind SmartScan™ technology, Venus Viva gives consistent and predictable outcomes that give immediate and long term results. The non-invasive fractional systems use radio frequency to effectively improve the appearance of uneven skin texture and reduce other signs of skin damage without affecting the surrounding tissue. It is the first and only fractional radio frequency (RF) system that allows operator control of ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing for enhanced efficacy in resolving mild to severe skin damage.

Patented Technology

NanoFractional™ Radio Frequency is delivered via a patented tip technology that creates micro-wounds in the skin to activate the natural wound healing process. The high temperatures cause collagen remodeling and triggers neocollagenesis. Surrounding intact skin serves as a reservoir for stem cells and relevant proteins which means faster healing and less downtime.

How does it work?

What’s great about the Venus skin resurfacing treatment is that it can be done quickly, and unlike the CO2 laser, it is “colour-blind” and can be performed on tanned skin and darker skin tones without the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Because of its Nano Fractional technology, the micro wounds created are able to heal more quickly and therefore the downtime is lesser than that of other fractional resurfacing treatments. As it is fully customisable with different energy settings, it is able to treat a wide range of indications.

A couple of passes with a low energy setting on the skin has very little downtime (2-3 days) and patients can treat visible large pores, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and achieve a smooth, even skin tone and texture. As micro channels have been created, the results can be enhanced by application of serums post-treatment.

Multiple passes with a higher energy setting can be used to treat patients with active acne, as well well as patients with acne scars. The downtime would be slightly longer depending on the settings and can last up to a week.

Nanofractional Radio Frequency Applicator

Designed to resurface the skin, which helps reduce the appearance of acne scars and other scars, striae, rosacea, dyschromia, deep wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation for all skin types

Treatment for

The most versatile multi-application platform that provides the most popular, non-invasive aesthetic procedures, including photorejuvenation/photofacial, acne treatment, hair removal, skin resurfacing, body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction.

  • Reduce Signs of Aging : Fresher and more youthful look
  • Decrease visible pores : even skin texture
  • Even out irregularties – more refined looking skin
  • Reduce Acne Scarws – Clearer and healthier skin complexion
  • Diminish deep lines and folds – younger looking skin
  • Smooth necklace lines – reduce signs of aging
  • Tighten and firm lax skin – for a firmer decollete

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

What can I expect from this treatment?

You will see marked reduction of wrinkles, shrinking of pores, flattening of scars, and a smoother skin texture.

How is the Nanofractional RF performed?

After cleansing the face thoroughly, a layer of numbing cream is used to reduce discomfort during the procedure. The treatment only takes about 15 – 20 minutes, after which a cooling gel will be applied to soothe the face.

Are there any side effects?

Your skin will experience some redness, dryness and peeling of the skin for the following 3-4 days. It is normal and part of the resurfacing process. However, you can resume your normal daily activities immediately after the procedure without any hassle.

LED PhotoTherapy

LED PhotoTherapy

In this treatment, the energy from red coloured to blue coloured light and to infrared light is used to heal skin conditions. Originally conceived to speed up the healing process for wounds and surgery related scars, SMARTLUX LED LITE is used extensively in skin rejuvenation and elimination of acne scars,

SMARTLUX uses High Intensity Phototherapy Device to deliver healing power and energy of light composed of red, blue,and Infrared with high-intensity SLDs (Super-luminous diodes) developed by SMART Phototherapy technologies. From wound healing and pain relief to improvement of dermatological conditions, anti-aging treatment, a boost to skin’s radiance, SMARTLUX effects exceptional results with its various wavelengths selection and wide variety of irradiation angle.

How Does It Work?

The LED SmartLux system uses light to stimulte cells, which start to activate their own vital functions and produce more enzymes. Photorejunvenation using the LED lamp activates photosentive receptors int he cells to generate energy. From here, the photorejuvenation leads to norushment and regneration of cells, on the face. Skin cells become gradually stronger thereby producing visible rejuvenation effect.

The treatment is extremely pleasant and relaxing, it demostrates high efficacy. Patients are exposed to regenerating light that not only rejuvenates and revitalise the skin, but also alleviates pain and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.

Treatment for

The red diode light (633nm)is meant for increasing the cell production rate through a process known as photobiostimulation, which increases production of collagen and elastin. As a result of accelerated microcirculation, the skin tone improves and fine wrinkles get smoothed out. Usually the LED Light Therapy is used to complement other procedures such as photo-rejuvenation, radio frequency needling, plasma therapy, mesotherapy, chemical peeling etc. It boosts the treatment effect, speeds up the reparation cycles, and aids the post-surgery healing process.

The blue diode light (415nm) is used in acne treatment. It reduces the acne bacteria population, stops excess sebum, promotes production of elastin and Collagen. Appropriate for sensitive skin types, it is also used in conjunction with other therapies to treat acne conditions.

The Infrared light therapy (830nm) is for anti-inflammation, wound healing and pain relief. Stimulates muscle tissue repair. Especially healing and aiding recovery from surgery and after highly demanding treatments such as chemical peels and IPL.

The advantages of LED technology:

  • Pain relief
  • Skin revitality
  • Improved immunity
  • Minimal side-effects
  • Can be done all year round
  • Quick recovery after painless treatment

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

A good post treatment that complements other combined modalities. Patients can resume their normal active lifestyle immediately after the treatment. The first effects emerge after approximaetly 1.5months and are dependent on the condition of the skin as well as patient’s age and individual features.

IPL Acne Therapy

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) For Acne

Acne and pimple treatments have come a long way in recent years, treating acne successfully is easier once it is better understood. Approximately 90% of all adolescents and 25% of all adults experience acne at some point in their lives. Acne, (or pimples) are further affected by eating chocolate, greasy foods or bad hygiene. It is caused by simply growing up — puberty and pimples seem to go hand in hand.

Acne is a common, chronic skin condition caused by inflammation of oil-producing sebaceous glands. Acne problems usually begin between the ages of ten and thirteen, and can persist for five to ten years. Acne and pimple breakouts are very common on the face, but can also occur on the neck, chest, back, shoulders, upper arms and legs, as well as the scalp.

IPL Acne Therapy is an effective new light-based therapeutic therapy is now revolutionizing the treatment of acne. The IPL Acne Therapy destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne — without drugs, without pain and without downtime. The IPL system has FDA clearance for the treatment of acne.

IPL is one of the safest acne treatments available…proven to be extremely effective on moderate inflammatory acne. Its technology uses light that is UV-safe and has no known side effects.

How does it work?

The advantage of IPL is that this technology utilizes a broad spectrum light source that could be used to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic uses (hair removal, acne, rosacea, age spots). Various cutoff filters are commonly used with the universal device handpiece to narrow the wavelengths to target specific penetration depths under the epidermis. For effective acne treatment, three filters are applied – 420 nm (blue light), 560 nm (yellow light) and 590 nm (red light) – each having a distinctive property, i.e. destroying the Proprionibacterium acnes bacteria, treating inflammatory acne lesions and inhibiting overactive sebaceous oil glands, respectively.

IPL Hair Removal Benefit

The bacteria that cause oily skin, travel from the skin’s pores via facial hair, resulting in the oil and bacteria spreading to adjacent pores. Clients with thick, dark hair, usually suffer ingrown hairs that spread bacteria, trapped in the pores, leading to acne flare ups. Eliminating hair, with facial laser hair removal, will signifi- cantly reduce breakouts because there will no longer be any hair available, for the bacteria to cling on to. The sebaceous glands are also likely to produce less oil after a treatment. And with less oil, there’s less acne.
Since acne develops when the skin cells don’t shed properly—meaning they don’t exit your body—unblock- ing these glands will substantially reduce further development of acne as sebum, oils, and bacteria will no longer be trapped within them. The scars that usually accompany current outbreaks of acne, will also get re- duced.

Treatment for

IPL is the most versatile multi-application platform that provides the most popular, non-invasive aesthetic procedures. It is effective in treating vascular lesions that result to spider or telangiectatic veins. These are veins which capillaries have been broken, leading to the appearance of the veins on the surface of the skin. IPL can be used to blast these broken capillaries, destroy them eventually, cut the blood flow into these veins, and let the veins die until they are reabsorbed by the body. However, the actual effects of IPL still depend on the severity, size, and site of the vascular lesions. IPL can also be used to lighten prominent birthmarks by destroying the pigment-producing cells that cause the discolouration.

The technique is also effective in treating skin conditions caused by prolonged or consistent exposure to the sun (photo damage). These include age spots and freckles. It can also treat melasma, acne, and stretch marks. What the technology does is destroy the cells that produce melanin, the pigment that provides colour to the skin. Once these cells are destroyed, the body is forced to generate newer skin cells, which lead to a more even skin tone.

IPL can also be used for removing unwanted hair in the bikini line, face, underarms, legs, and chest by destroying the follicles that produce hair. It is more effective on people with dark hair.

Since the treatment is broad, it usually takes at least three treatments before the desired results are achieved. The sessions are spaced a month apart to give the skin enough time to heal.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

Like laser treatments, IPL is not a regulated procedure, which means anyone who has been trained to operate the machine can perform the procedure. For your safety and peace of mind, however, it’s best if the technician has other certifications or training aside from using the machine. He or she should have a deeper knowledge of skin and the conditions that affect it. One can also look for clinics with professional aestheticians.

Before the treatment, the doctor will evaluate the condition of the skin to confirm if it is suitable for IPL.

For the procedure, the targeted area, such as the face, will be cleansed first, removing any dirt that may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. A cold gel is then applied to the skin to significantly minimize the burning sensation. The patient is also provided with a protective eyewear, which should be worn throughout the course of the therapy.

The aesthetician controls the intensity or wavelength of the light pulses that come out of the IPL head during the treatment.

After the therapy, the patient can go back to regular activities, as long as exposure to the sun is avoided

Intensif Scar Reduction

FDA-approved, non-invasive micro-needling and radio frequency (RF) treatment

The Ensoul Intensif Scar Reduction Treatment is a minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedure that uses microneedle fractional radiofrequency (MFRF) to treat acne scars, improve skin texture, reduce pore size and firm the skin via dermal collagen remodelling.

How Does It Work?

The Intensif RF Microneedling treatment is the first FDA cleared non-insulated motorized miconeedle RF technology that uses tiny sterile needles to prick through the top layer of the skin to deliver radiofrequency (RF) energy. This creates micro-zones of coagulation in the papillary and reticular dermis with minimal damage to the epidermis. The micropuncture and RF energy stimulate fibroblasts to produce more new collagen and elastin fibers.

RF energy is delivered to both layers of the skin simultaneously, resulting in epidermal resurfacing and dermal stimulation for deeper remodelling. The RF technology device maintains a dermis temperature of 52°C while the temperature at the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, remains below 40°C. This controlled energy is delivered through a precise hand-piece. The RF energy can be adjusted for different applications and treatment areas.

The delivery of radiofrequency energy to ablate the epidermis immediately around the electrodes of the device, with the simultaneous dermal treatment under the conductive pins produces superior effects when compared to fractional CO2 laser.

The Intensif’s high precision needle depth, adjustable and ranging from 0.5mm to 5mm, provides the most effective treatment strength suitable to the particular treatment area. The perfect solution for treating acne, acne scars, stretchmarks, deep wrinkles and improving skin texture, Intensif treatments provide significant initial visible results, with continual skin improvement, well after the completion of treatments.

Understanding the Types of Acne Scars

There are two main types of acne scars – Atrophic Scars (caused by loss of tissue) and Hypertrophic Scars (caused by an excess of tissue). Within these categories, there are four subtypes of acne scars;

Atrophic Scars

  1. Ice Pick Scars – deep, narrow scars that extend into the dermis which is caused by after an infection from a cyst or deep inflamed blemish that destroyed the skin tissue.
  2. Boxcar Scars – round and oval depression with steep vertical sides, leaving the skin uneven and pitted. When an inflammatory breakout destroys collagen, the tissue is lost. The skin over this area is left without support, creating a depressed area.
  3. Rolling Scars – a wave-like depression across normal looking skin making the skin look uneven and craggy. It is developed when fibrous bands of tissue develop between the skin and subcutaneous tissue below. These bands pull the epidermis, binding it to deeper structures of the skin. It is this pulling of the epidermis from within that creates the rolling appearance of the skin.
  4. Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars
Hypertrophic Scars are raised firm scars that grow above the surface of the skin. It more often happens after a deep wound or trauma. While Keloid Scars is a more severe type of raised scar which is raised farther than the wound itself and can continue to grow long after the original wound has healed. Unlike ice pick and boxcar scars, hypertrophic scars are not caused by a loss of tissue. Rather, they develop because of an overproduction of collagen. In the case of keloids, it’s like the skin doesn’t know that the wound has healed, and continues to produce collagen.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

The Process

Before undergoing any treatment, Our doctors will first assess the condition of the patients’ skin and identify the type of acne scars. As different skin types and acne scars require different treatments, a tailored approach, such as choosing the suitable treatment modalities and customizing the power settings for the individual is required.

Once the treatment procedure has been established, he will run through with the patient on what to expect during and after the treatment. The patient will then be brought to the treatment room for the cleansing of the face, followed by applying topical numbing cream for approximately 45 minutes to help relieve any potential discomfort.

After the numbing cream has been removed, the doctors will then start the treatment, constantly adjusting the device parameters to treat the different problem areas of the skin to ensure optimal skin remodelling.

There is minimal discomfort during the treatment process. The procedure is very safe as the skin temperature will be constantly monitored around 38°C to 40°C during the treatment. The treatment takes about 60 minutes depending on the size of the treated area.

After the Intensif Scar Reduction Treatment has been completed, the therapist will begin to calm the skin with Dr. KT’s Skin Revitalise Ion Infusion Therapy. It is a safe and effective procedure that facilitates transdermal delivery of molecules that would otherwise be difficult to transport thorough the skin at optimum concentration that result in significant improvement in scar reduction.

Most patients would see a reduction of acne scars and acne blemishes after the first session. Microneedling RF acne scar treatment also provides additional benefits – making the skin firmer and brighter.

To see optimal results for acne scarring, it is recommended to complete a series of treatments. This program will be planned and adjusted according to the patients’ progress following each session.

We usually add a no downtime Pico laser fractional treatment in between the Intensif Scar Reduction Treatment sessions to harness the synergistic effect of the Pico Laser’s Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB) to further reduce the depth of the acne scars.

HIFU Wrinkles Reduction

HIFU Wrinkles Reduction

Every day, consumers across the world are in a never-ending search for ideal beauty care solutions to look their best from head to toe. Having established a firm foundation that combines carefully selected ingredients or cutting-edge features into one solution, Ensoul TightLase Lift

This treatment provides a simple solution for all signs of aging. It reduces the fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin while keeping the skin calm and hydrated.


For treatments that include facial lifting and tightening, the Ensoul Lift & Tight uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to target layers of the dermis, which prompts the production of new collagen, resulting in a naturally rejuvenated appearance.

As the time passes, the dermis naturally produces less collagen, contact from Focused ultrasound energy casues skin to tighten, Stages of inflammation and fibroplasia take place on the targeted regions. New collagen is triggered reslting in reduction of wrinkles due to tighet and firmer skin.

Treatment for

Am I a candidate?

Face lifting and tightening treatments may be ideal for individuals concerned with fine lines and wrinkles or sagging skin with moderate skin laxity. It is also ideal for individuals who want to avoid the added risks or complications that are normally associated with injections and surgical procedures.

Facial treatments with the Ensoul Lift & Tight treatment, have been designed to treat wrinkles, fine lines or sagging skin around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, forehead, chin and jowl lines.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

For facial lifting and tightening, some results can be seen immediately after treatment, but optimal results can be seen over the course of 4-12 weeks post treatment. For most patients, one treatment may be recommended, but some patients may opt for follow-up treatments.

For body contouring and slimming treatments, patients will experience some initial tightening effects, but optimal results are expected over the course of 4-12 weeks post treatment. The number of treatments will vary from patient to patient depending on their personal goals.

Eye Tightening RF Treatment

Enhance Your Eyes for A Fresher, Younger Look

Restore a younger, fresher appearance with EN-TAUT Eye treatment which specifically targets the eye area.

Early signs of ageing are typically first seen around the eyes, the delicate, thin skin in this area is prone to laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, impairment of skin quality and is more susceptible to sun and environmental damage. Premature peri-orbital ageing which most clients’ experience, reduces youthful appearance and gives the face a fatigued look.

Due to the delicate nature of the skin in this area, along with safety concerns relating to treatment proximity to the orbital rim, there’s limited treatment options available which effectively target ageing and tired looking eyes.

Whether your clients are concerned about droopy eyelids and eye hooding, lax skin under the eye, crow’s-feet or crepey, dull skin, EN-TAUT is an ideal treatment them.

Using 3DEEP radiofrequency in two ways simultaneously; controlled micro-resurfacing and dermal heating, EN-TAUT treatments deliver excellent clinical results which ‘open up’ and rejuvenate the eye area, by tightening and retracting eyelid hoods, tightening and lifting lax skin below the eye, smoothing crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing peri-orbital skin luminosity.

When it comes to delivering EN-TAUT, there are two treatment options at differing intensities available. Each require a course of three treatments, 4 weeks apart and achieve comparable, clinical results.


En-Taut is non-surgical eye lift to perform safe and effective rejuvenation of the eye area as an alternative to surgery.

It works in two steps by using radiofrequency to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin laxity around the eye area.

First, Skin Tightening & Lifting is carried out around the eye using a specialist handpiece. This handpiece uses the state-of-the-art ENDYMED 3DEEP Skin Science technology to deliver controlled, focused radiofrequency deep into your skin, which gently generates the optimum level of heat to stimulate your skin cells.

This encourages new collagen to be produced and, in turn, improves the underlying structures of your skin, causing it to tighten and lift.

Secondly, Skin Resurfacing & Tightening is carried out in the same area. This treatment also uses ENDYMED 3DEEP Skin Science to boost the tightening effect of the treatment but also treats the surface of the skin at the same time.

The result leaves our patients with tighter, younger and healthier-looking skin – without the pain and downtime that may be associated with surgery.

Treatment for

The En-Taut is suitable for most patients and skin types. This treatment;

  1. Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye areas
  2. Improved skin laxity
  3. Suitable for patients with droopy eyelids and sunken eyes.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

At Ensoul, we believe in providing a more comprehensive and detailed treatment plan to help achieve your treatment goals. A detailed consultation and a skin analysis are essential before peforming any treatment. The treatments customised are based on the specifics of you skin as well as your suitability.

Diamond AntiAging

Diminished Fine lines and Wrinkles

Viva Diamond Polar treatment helps to slow down the process of ageing, effectively diminishing lines and wrinkles. The DiamondPolar™ applicator uses a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) to produce uniform heat under the skin’s surface. This process helps to increase collagen and elastin fibers naturally. With a unique electrode placement, the applicator is able to reach smaller areas and harder to reach body areas. This treatment includes our standard facial treatment procedures and has no downtime

How does it work?

The Diamond Polar treatment is a great treatment for younger patients who want to maintain their skin or have a more defined contour, and as an anti-aging solution for older patients who are concerned about lines and elasticity. It’s a good complement to other skin resurfacing procedures you may have as it helps to rebuild the blood vessels and accelerate cell repair.

In the right hands, this treatment is comfortable and feels like a hot stone massage. It’s a quick and easy procedure that gives an immediate lift with no down time, and the heat generated gives an afterglow, which makes it an ideal treatment to have before an important event, or a big night out, as you’d look radiant and refreshed.

Although visible results are seen in just one session, multiple treatments are recommended for more optimal results and continued improvements.

DIAMONDPOLAR™ APPLICATOR WITH Multi-polar RF and Pulsed Elctro Magnetic Fields TECHNOLOGY

Diamond Lifting delivers Multi Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and VariPulse Technology to the skin to produce a dense, uniform heat matrix, stimulating the body’s natural healing response. Technology increases collagen synthesis with minimized pain, resulting in progressing improvement to the skin. A good combination of technology to treat moderate to severe wrinkles and rhytides

Multi-Polar RF uses a complex algorithm to deliver homogeneous energy and volumetric heating to multiple tissue depths, allowing for quick and safe buildup of heat, and easy maintenance of therapeutic temperature throughout the treatment

Treatment for

The most versatile multi-application platform that provides the most popular, non-invasive aesthetic procedures, including photorejuvenation/photofacial, acne treatment, hair removal, skin resurfacing, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction.

Unique electrode placement allows for treatment around the eyes, along the jowls, and other smaller areas
Treatments with this applicator are comfortable with no downtime, and RF technology is proven safe for all skin types

For slowdown of cell renewal
For premature aging
For skin with lines and wrinkles

Under Eye SmoothLift

Restoring volume in sagging areas for instant lifting results

We start aging as early as age 25 and it is not something that we can not stop but we can do our best to slow it down and even reverse the signs left as time passes. Collagen is essential for healthy youthful skin because it gives structure to the cells and supports the dermis. As we age, the production of collagen reduces causing our skin to loose laxity and create wrinkles. This process is natural and can be expedited by environmental factors like smoking, sun exposure and pollution.

How can you Sustain Your Collagen?

You can help sustain your collagen with a healthy lifestyle and a collagen supporting regiment. Use sunscreen year round, drink plenty of water and help restore your skin firmness and structure with collagen formation treatments.

What is Fotona Smooth Lift?

Smooth Lift is anon-ablative laser skin remodeling based on controlled induction of thermal injury of the collagen while preserving the epidermis. In addition to an immediate effect resulting in the shrinkage of collagen fibers, the
initiation of neo-collagenesis occurs causing the generation of new collagen. The effects are an overall improvement of tightness and elasticity of the skin along with a plumping effect, much like a filler.


The treatment is targeted at both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity. This way, the lasers can work on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin, as well as treating different skin imperfections.

This powerful procedure enables full-thickness contraction of collagen for effective skin tightening and volumisation (wrinkle reduction) without the need for injectables. The comprehensive approach to anti-aging ultimately creates a facelift-like effect for youthful complexion.

Treatment for

  • Introoral
  • Treats cheeks and lips from inside the mouth
  • Tightens and lifts skin deeply from the inside out
  • Restore volume to diminish nasolabial folds
  • Plumps like filler but longer lasting
  • Results often seen instantly


HIFU Treatment in Singapore

Comfortable & Effective Non Invasive Skin Lifting & Tightening Treatment.

What is HIFU Skin Lifting?

HIFU Skin Lift is a skin lifting treatment in Singapore. It is a non-invasive, anti-aging face lifting treatment using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology (HIFU) that gives patients a more desiring V-Shaped face along with more defined neck and jawline, skin tightening and rejuvenation. This painless, surgical-free treatment can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth.

How Does HIFU Skin Lifting work?

The SygmaLift treatment has 3 parts to it, the first two parts harnessing the HIFU technology. It is pain free as compared to other ultrasound systems due to its exclusive use of ultrasound lines in fractionated mode, where the high intensity focal ultrasound works non-invasively from the inside-out. Without damaging the skin and its surrounding tissues, it creates selective thermal coagulative zones on the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer to improve skin laxity and reduce fat cells. The temperature of the treatment can reach 60 to 70 degrees Celsius without damaging the skin surface.

PART I: Exclusive Focal Lines of Ultrasound for Facial Remodeling and Lifting

SygmaLift is able to focus at depths ranging from 2mm, 4mm, 4.5mm to 5mm. It is not just a facial lifting system, but also a facial remodeling system due to its depth at 5mm. When each individual beam of focused ultrasound passes through the tissue, it creates a progressive thermal effect down to the adi pose tissue to stimulate the breakdown of the fats at the chin and cheek areas

PART II: Tri-Micro Focal Ultrasound For Skin Rejuvenation and Collagen Stimulation

Tri-Micro Focal Ultrasound targets mainly on the eyes, forehead and mouth where the skin is thinner and more delicate. It is able to stimulate bioactivity at various depths at 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm for remodelling of collagen fibres , promoting oxygenation of the tissues, and regenerating the tissue from the inside-out.

PART III: Improvement of Skin Tone and Enhance Skin Glow

HIFU Skin Lift treatment also enhances the skin glow as it increases rate of collagen synthesis and growth factor production via vasodilation, sending the necessary nutrients to the skin tissue. It can help to calm redness and inflammation, accelerate skin repair, even skin tone and texture, and stimulate circulation and lymphatic system.

What is the difference between HIFU Sygmalift and other HIFUs out there?

The main difference is the pain. HIFU Symalift uses fractionated HIFU which is literally painless. Traditional HIFUs have always been using very focus large beams that penetrate at depths in the skin causing alot of pain during the treatment. With the HIFU Sygmalift, these beams are now broken up into many different fractions allowing them to bypass and penetrate the surface of the skin to stimulate and remodel collagen resulting in skin tightening.

Our Skin Tigtening and Lifting program is a three-dimensional skin tightening treatment that uses the Sygmalift, which is of Hifu (High Intensity Ultrasound) technology to deliver deep dermal heating, resulting in smoother skin via collagen stimulation.

This non-invasive medical technology is ideal for smoothing wrinkles, tightening and thus, lifting the skin.

There are distinct procedures, which are clinically proven to be safe and effective at treating the signs of photo damage and skin ageing:

  1. Skin Tightening & Lifting improves the appearance of lax, sagging skin and fine lines and wrinkles in the cheek, jowl, eye and neck areas.
  2. Skin Resurfacing & Tightening rejuvenates skin from the outside in, improving texture, tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Achieve a slimmer face or ‘V’ shape face.
  4. Sygmalift eyes is a non-surgical eye lift reduces fine wrinkles and improves skin laxity around the eye area.

Treatment for

Who can Go for the HIFU Treatment?

While it is safe for all ages and skin types, it is best for those who are looking to correct saggy skin. Patients 40 to 50 years old who are considering a face lift or those in their late 20s onwards looking for a sharper V-line.

The precision of the beams of ultrasound energy, targeting connective tissues and heating the dermis to stimulate collagen production. It is perfect for reducing:

  • Saggy Cheeks
  • Crow’s feet
  • Jowl Reduction
  • Laugh lines
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Facial Remodeling

HIFU for Age Prevention

Our collagen production starts to slow as we age, and the elastic fibres across the skin start to become less dense. HIFU jumpstarts the collagen production by heating up and stimulating existing collagen fibres. This causes them to thicken, resulting in a long-term tightening and lifting effect!

Due to the high energy emitted by the ultrasound lasers, it is also used to melt facial fats providing a very welcome side-effect! This not only results in more youthful skin, but a tighter, and smaller facial size as well! The first HIFU technology with the ability to not only tighten the skin, but also to melt fats! Now who would not want a slimmer jaw line, a reduced double chin as well as reduced jowls.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

When it comes to HIFU treatment in Singapore, we have different types of HIFU modalities, with Sygmalift being one of our recommended options.

Why choose Sygmalift?

This innovative and patented HIFU technology is able to deposit ultrasound energy in fractionated mode, making this treatment ideal for patients who are afraid of pain, or who are new to aesthetic procedures. The entire process is pleasant and painless, without a need for numbing or anaesthetic cream. The combination of the cold laser therapy means that results are seen as soon as 40 days.

Sygmalift represents a great alternative to other methods of face lifting such as surgical interventions, neurotoxin injections or dermal fillers.

Is there any downtime?

No. Unlike other ultrasound treatment or treatments for face lifting, SygmaLift is painless as the ultrasound energy is emitted in a fractionated mode. It gives great comfort to you and there is no need for painkillers or application of numbing cream.

There is no downtime for this treatment. This is an in-office procedure, allowing you to return to your normal routine immediately after treatment. No special aftercare is required.

EN-D V Shape Lift

Defy the Aging Process with EN-D TIGHTEN Facelift treatment.

This highly effective machine is powered by innovative, FDA approved 3DEEP RF technology patent to provide clinically proven collagen stimulation results. EndyMed’s 3DEEP is the most effective and focused RadioFrequency(RF) technology available today. Unlike other usual Monopolar or Bipolar RF technologies, which are superficial and can often be painful or risky to the epidermis, 3DEEP delivers controlled energy deep into the dermis, reaching 52°C – 55°C, with minimal epidermal heat for optimal, painless collagen remodeling. With our experienced and skillful techniques, we deliver a instant lifted and firmer face, with plumped up and smooth contours making you look years younger!

The heat response also triggers other rejuvenating processes in your skin, improving its overall underlying structure and hydration.

How EN-D TIGHTEN FaceLift Treatment Works

  • Deeper dermal RF penetration, effective and comfortable treatments with no cooling required
  • Delivers controlled, focused RF energy deep into the skin, without any pain or risk, reactivating the skin’s’ natural collagen production.
  • By focusing RF energy deep within the dermis, 3DEEP stimulates collagen renewal without overheating the epidermis

Treatment for

Which regions can be treated?

  • Cheek, Jowl and Neck: A pain free treatment that tightens and lifts lax skin 
  • Skin around the Eyes: It also tightens and lifts the skin the delicate eye area and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • V-SHAPE FACE: Focused and deep skin tightening and contouring for the jowls and submental area, for a more defined jawline.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

What to Expect:

  • Outstanding treatment experience, quick, comfortable and no downtime
  • Some may experience slight redness but it should not last for than a day
  • Heat is created and necessary throughout the whole treatment, however, intensity can be adjusted accordingly,
  • Amazing immediate results that continue to improve for months after the completion of treatments

Results & Benefits:

  • RF energy deep into the dermis layer without pain and risk
  • Immediate skin tightening and collagen remodelling for anti-wrinkle effect
  • Tighten and lift sagging skin
  • Results gradually continue to improve due to reactivation of the skin’s natural collagen production.
  • Stimulates collagen renewal without overheating the epidermis and eliminating any potential side effects and the need for cooling.

Vascular Yellow Laser

What is Pro Yellow Laser?

The German-engineered Pro Yellow Laser is an improved version of the commonly used Dual Yellow/Combination laser at some clinics. Due to its special wavelength of 577nm, the Pro Yellow laser represents the gold standard for vascular treatments such as vascular lesion removal and vascular laser for rosacea as well as epidermal pigmentation treatments such as depigmentation of skin. Its ability to target both pigmentation and underlying vessels for long-lasting results is one of the reasons why this laser is a popular aesthetic tool used by doctors. 

Since it is applied at a precise wavelength of 577 nm, Pro Yellow Laser is a safe option for treating a number of facial skin conditions like acne marks, rosacea, pigmentation, facial veins, and uneven skin textures. However, it must be noted that results are manifested gradually, with skin emerging clearer, more even-textured, and younger-looking too.

The Pro Yellow Difference

The main differences between the Pro Yellow and other skin rejuvenation lasers is the wavelength and the available pulse duration adjustments of each desired wavelength. In other words, different laser wavelengths (colors of light) target different skin issues, providing the physician can match the proper wavelength with the proper pulse durations to achieve the desired clinical endpoint without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Traditionally, the most commonly used laser wavelength for the treatment of pigmented lesions (such as sun spots & age spots) and vascular lesions (or unsightly veins) has been the 532nm laser, or green laser light.

Green lasers provide very good results in skin types I to III (fairer skin tone), but 532nm is no longer the ideal wavelength (or color) for targeting vascular lesions for skin types IV and V (darker skin tone). 

Color Matters

The industry’s first 577nm pure yellow laser for skin rejuvenation, provides the best absorption when treating blood vessels. Compared to the standard green wavelength (532nm), the yellow wavelength is able to produce 40% higher absorption in blood. This translates to less required power during treatment, which in turn provides a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Minimal risk of side effects, such as burns or pigmentation change

  • Ability to treat vascular lesions at much lower power than 532nm lasers

  • Ability to safely treat darker skin types, which is not typical for 532nm lasers

  • Ability to provide fractional laser scanning for rejuvenation on all skin type.

  • Ability to provide fractional laser scanning for rosacea on ​all skin type. 

  • Ability to safely treat vascular lesions on skin types I to IV

  • Ability to simultaneously treat both the VEGF and mid to epidermal melasma

  • Ability to safely treat pigmented lesions on all skin type

Depth Matters

The majority of visible unwanted skin spots, discoloration or redness (blood vessels), are rooted in a deeper vascular network of veins that that extend beyond the treatable depth of traditional green (532nm) lasers. Not addressing these areas can result in recurrence and the inability to effectively treat deeper pigmented and vascular issues.

The Pro Yellow laser penetrates deeper than standard green lasers, simultaneously addressing both visible lesions and underlying vessels. This also allows for safe treatment of a wider variety of indications for both light and dark skin types.

Treatment for

A Wide Variety of Treatment Options

Vascular Conditions

Vascular lesions are caused by small, dilated capillaries. They can appear as red spots, or visible threads on the skin. The Pro Yellow laser can readily treat think by shrinking the vessels with its yellow light, with no damage to the capillaries.

  • Facial/nose veins and blood vessels – the ProYellow Laser has the highest rate of absorption in red blood cells compared to any other lasers. This results in the reduction of unsightly veins or blood vessels on the face, especially common on the cheeks and nose.
  • Redness and rosacea – Redness and rosacea are caused by dilated (bigger in size) blood vessels. The ProYellow laser effectively reduces the size/or completely eliminates these blood vessels, therefore resulting in reduced redness and a more even complexion.
  • Red marks after acne – These red marks are also known as PIE (Post- inflammatory Erythema) or Erythema post-acne. The red marks formed due to increased blood circulation at badly-inflamed areas such as moderate to severe acne and persist even after the acne heals. The ProYellow laser can very effectively reduce these red marks by reducing the blood vessels in these areas.
  • Cherry angiomas, Telangiectasia, etc.

Pigmentation & Skin Rejuvenation

The ProYellow laser is the first laser that offers two options for treating pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. The scanner handpiece for larger areas and more diffused pigmentation, and the individual spot handpiece for targeted lesions/spots.

  • Pigmentation such as melasma, sun/age spots, freckles – Due to its unique wavelength, the energy from the ProYellow laser is absorbed by both melanin (pigments) and the underlying blood vessels. This results in breakdown of pigments and at the same time, reduces the blood supply to the skin cells that produce these pigments. This will prevent these skin cells from producing pigments and ensure longer-lasting results.
  • Skin rejuvenation – Apart from reducing redness and pigmentation, the ProYellow laser’s energy is also absorbed into the dermis (skin layer) to treat and improve the skin’s support structure. Skin will look brighter and feel tighter with just 1 treatment.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

The Yellow laser is an effective wavelength for treating pigmented lesions, as it has the ability to target both the pigment and underlying vessels for long-lasting results. A yellow laser beam also acts as the laser treatment for acne is directed at the face, which destroys the Propionibacterium acne bacteria and shrinks the sebaceous gland to reduce the production of sebum. The yellow light also promotes collagen growth and reduces small red blood vessels. This resulting an overall tightening, firming and rejuvenating effect on skin.

I have devised various of protocols for different conditions. By using a combination of different wavelength lasers, I am able to treat and improve the efficacy of the condition. The results can also been seen longer lasting.

Tixel Facial Augmentation

Tixel Skin Tightening & Contouring Treatment.

What is Tixel?

Tixel is a skin treatment that involves stamping a heated metallic plate with pyramid-shaped spikes on to the skin. It is not a laser, but instead it utilises thermo-mechanical energy to evaporate tiny channels into the skin. This stimulates new collagen formation to improve skin quality. The channels formed can be immediately used to deliver products into the skin such as tretinoin (vitamin A) or lightening agents to treat pigmentation concerns such as melasma.

The Procedure

Tixel is powered by a unique technology known as TMA (Thermo-Mechanical Action), a non-laser fractional treatment technology that can transfer thermal energy to the skin very quickly and safely. The energy is emitted through a matrix of tiny pyramid-shaped pins made of biocompatible materials covering a treatment area of 1cm². The pins are heated to a temperature of 400°C, similar to the temperature generated by a CO₂ laser beam when it interacts with the skin.

During treatment, the pins are introduced at a precisely controlled speed to the surface of the skin, after which the thermal energy stored in the pins is rapidly transferred to the skin upon brief contact lasting only a few milliseconds. The ensuant evaporation of water from the skin occurs instantaneously, resulting in the formation of tiny micropores in the treatment zone. The tiny pyramids hold a limited amount of energy and evaporate the upper layers of the skin in a controlled manner without causing burns or charring in the tissue, a side effect often seen with other energy sources such as ablative laser.

This helps reduce healing times and complications in comparison to treating all the skin at once. At the same time, it help induces new collagen formation or neo-collagenesis by stimulating the skin’s natural healing process. This process helps with improve general skin quality, wrinkles, skin texture, and can also improve acne scarring.

Another function of the Tixel treatment is that it can also be used to infuse skin care products into the skin. Products such as vitamin A or skin lightening agents can be infused into the skin after Tixel treatment to help induce further changes in the skin


Handpiece has two types of tips:one has low thermal conductivity that is used for sensitive areas such as pre-orbital areas and the other one has high thermal conductivity.Short pulses only damage the stratum corneum, that allows delivery of drugs, serums, topical and etc.

Into the micro pores that have been created.The short pulses are often used for stimulation of collagen creating and improving the laxity of skin.

Long pulses have more aggressive effects that are corresponding to a CO2 ablative treatment that is mostly useful for Caucasian skins.

Tixel laser is more effective for improving wrinkle and lines and skin irregularities.
There is a sublative mode that is very effective for dark skins with no hyperpigmentation effect.

What is the difference between fractional CO2 and the Tixel?

Although fractional CO2 and Tixel have a similar effect on the skin, there are some key differences between the two treatments.

Because Tixel is not a laser device, there is no need to use protective eyewear for the patient or operator. It is possible to treat around the eyes, even very close to the eyelashes, without causing injury to the eyes. There is also a special Tixel handpiece that is smaller and designed specifically for the eye area. CO2 lasers do require corneal shields (metal shields that go under the eyelids) should treatment be performed within the bony orbit around the eye.

CO2 lasers also do leave a layer of char or debris on the skin whereas Tixel does not do this.

Benefits of Tixel Treatment

Tixel treats delicate facial skin incudling periorbital, eyelids, neck and decollete safely. It significantly improves the appearance of the wrinkles and the laxity of the skin. Other benefits of Tixel, it also help with skin rejuvenation , crows feet, open pores, acne and stretch marks.

  • Forehead ” Worry ” lines
  • Glaberlla ” Frown ” lines
  • Eyelid lines
  • Acne Scars
  • Lip lines
  • Creased Chin
  • Crow’s feet (Periorbital lines)
  • Bunny lines
  • Nasal labial fold (Smile lines)
  • Neck Folds

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

Tixel is effective for improving wrinkle and lines and skin irregularities.

There is a sublative mode that is very effective for dark skins with no hyperpigmentation effect.

Tixel treatment has no bleeding, side effect or scars.The tightening is one of the highlighted results of this procedure.

It is recommened to apply Tixel Skin Tightening to your skin at least once every month intervales. The treatment can be used in combination with other laser treatment to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

Skin Tag, Wart, Oil Seeds Removal

Warts, Oil Seeds, Skin Tag Removal with Laser Treatment

Warts, oil seeds and skin tags are skin growths that can be found on any part of the body. They are more commonly found on the neck, eyelids, under arm area, under the breasts and the groin. While most of these are harmless, people often choose to remove them as they can be unsightly and cause discomfort when you rub against them.

The traditional method to treat skin warts was to use an ablative laser to destroy the wart. However, to carry out a complete removal, the surrounding skin will also get damaged, leaving a depressed scar. The newer method I now practice is to use a vascular laser to cut off the feeding blood vessels to the wart. The wart itself dies and the surrounding skin remains intact.

Whereas, Skin tags can be removed by an ablative laser. I prefer to use an Erbrium Yag instead of a CO2 laser, as there is lower risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Scar Correction Fractional Laser

Skin Resurfacing & LIfting Treatment

As the name implies, Fractional Laser Resurfacing involves treating a fraction or portion of the skin surface, leaving the remaining skin area untouched. This treatment has a beneficial impact upon the general texture of the skin even as it tackles skin anomalies such as scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars, uneven pigmentation, and sun spots. The procedure is convenient for people short of time as it typically takes less than an hour to complete. The results, however take longer to manifest and can be noticed over the next few weeks. Even better, the skin condition continues to improve over periods as long as six months in some cases.

How Does Laser Resurfacing Work?

There are primarily two types of laser resurfacing treatments that are offered in the market: CO2 and erbium. Depending upon your skin condition, the nature of improvements required, and the downtime you can afford, one of these two procedures is recommended.

The Er:YAG operates on a 2940nm wavelength, and having optimal water absorption, the Erbium (Er) YAG Laser provides ablative skin resurfacing for scar removal. After undergoing the procedure, you’ll observe a significant improvement in your skin texture, tone, and elasticity. About 8 to 10 weeks after the treatment, you’ll see the best results.

The Fractional Handpieces are designed to allow safe, precisely controlled and optimal delivery of laser pulses to the treatment area where the technology produces an array of microscopic wounds on the skin surface that are rapidlyreepithelialized by the undamaged surrounding tissue, sparing the epidermis in the untreated areas.

Treatment for

Fotona offers a laser acne treatment protocol that provides a truly comprehensive solution to the problem of acne. Fotona’s precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser light safely penetrates into skin to effectively target overactive sebaceous glands and to reduce the risk of developing new acne inflammation.

For improving the appearance of acne scars, Fotona offers a complementary laser treatment based on a precise and gentle skin resurfacing procedure in which an Er:YAG laser beam is absorbed by the top micro-layers of the skin to vaporize scarred tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis.

Fast results, Without Side-Effects

For active acne, Fotona’s laser treatment reduces acne inflammation through photoselective absorption and controlled heating effects. Fotona’s high powered Nd:YAG laser safely penetrates the skin to an optimal treatment depth to thermally and selectively destroy overactive sebaceous glands.

In addition to its thermal penetration effects, the Nd:YAG acne laser treatment also accelerates the healing process and stimulates collagen remodeling, an important step in the long-term treatment of acne.

Gentle & Effective Acne Scar Revision

For treating problematic acne scars, Fotona’s Er:YAG laser wavelength is ideal for gentle ablative scar revision. The Er:YAG laser safely and effectively provides the minimal penetration depth required for light resurfacing of acne-scarred skin, helping to improve skin texture and tone. Unlike chemical peels and dermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing allows the penetration depth to be precisely controlled. The laser gently vaporizes micron-thin layers of the acne-scarred surface to reveal healthy, undamaged skin below.

In other words, with the fractional laser, we are able to ablate away the old, worn out skin and reaplced with new, tighter and healthy skin tissue as new skin forms.

Once the skin is ablated with a light full Er:YAG beam, which finishes the treatment and removes superficial imperfections.

Using fractional light can rejuvenate the skin to produce an effect that offers a degree of control and efficacy that allows for highly precise sculpting of the skin. Treatments can extend from light touch-ups to deep collagen remodeling, ideal for patients who want drastic rejuvenation effects, but are not inclined towards aggressive surgical or chemical alternatives. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and tones, with minimal patient downtime.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

By combining the ND and ER YAG, it delivers a bespoke treatments for skin remodelling, through the synergic utilisation of two types of lasers to treat the dermis and epidermis together. Find out more about your skin condition with us today.

RF Subscision Acne Scar

Effective Acne Scar Treatment Option

Acne is often a temporary skin disorder, most often caused by hormones, excess oil production, bacteria or when hair folicles are clogged by oil and dead skin cells. Acne scars are most often the product of an inflamed lesion, such as a papule, pustule, or cyst. Inflamed blemishes occur when the follicle, or pore, becomes engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. The pore swells, causing a break in the follicle wall. If the rupture occurs near the skin’s surface, the lesion is usually minor and heals quickly. When more serious lesions arise, deep inflammation happens, causing a deep break in the folicle wall, with infected material spills out into the dermis and destroying healthy skin tissue causing the dermis to be damaged and form scars on the skin.

To repair the damage done to the dermis, the skin forms new collagen fibers. Collagen is the fibrous protein that gives the skin its strength and flexibility. Unfortunately, the finished “”repair job”” never looks as smooth and flawless as before the injury.

Inflammation is the single greatest gauge of scar development.

The greater the inflammation on the skin, the more likely scarring is to occur. Deep breakouts that take a long time to heal also increase the chance of scarring. Blackheads, whiteheads, and other non-inflamed blemishes typically don’t cause scarring because these types of lesions don’t injure skin tissue.

Types of Acne Scars.

Acne scars are a common problem that affects many people both young and old. It can cause distress and affect the self-esteem and self confidence in many people. To recommend the most suitable treatment for you, we must first identify the types of scars you may have, in order to conclude the best treatment for your skin.

Acne scars fall into two main categories: those caused by a loss of tissue (atrophic scars), and those caused by an excess of tissue (hypertrophic scars). Within these categories, there are four main types of acne scars: ice pick, boxcar, rolling, and keloid scars. Often, what is taken to be an acne scar is not a true scar at all, but rather post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This temporary discoloration of the skin will eventually fade on its own. Certain treatment medications, such as Dual Yellow Light and Retin-A, may speed the fading time.

How does RF subscision acne scar treatment treat acne scar?

Acne scars are often very difficult to treat. While fractional Laser is excellent for treating some acne scars, subcision acne scar treatment is a clinically proven treatment that is specifically beneficial for people with depressed scars such as rolling scars and boxcar scars. In this treatment, a blunt special RF cannula will be inserted under the skin, where the radiofrequency waves will be emitted to break and subcise the underlying fibrous tissue thereby releasing and lifting the depressed scar, restoring the smooth contour of your skin. In fact, multiple healing processes bring about acne scar improvement. The mechanical action of the needle and release of the scar tissue creates a pocket of blood beneath the skin. Blood vessels which are disrupted during the subcision allows blood to accumulate into the treated area. This blood clot prevents short-term reattachment of your scars and contains growth factors for healing. This creates an environment for collagen regeneration and improvement of your scar appearance over time.

The radiofrequency waves will also stimulate new collagen formations improving

  1. Scars
  2. Skin complexion
  3. Skin elasticity
  4. Skin lifting
  5. Facial contouring
  6. Reducing wrinkles

The treatment for this RF subscision acne scar is almost painless and comfortable. There will be minimal bruising and bleeding as it uses a blunt cannula, however there will be no downtime. You can resume to your daily activities immediately. Only a few skin insertion points are required as each entry point covers a large area. Apart from the volume treatment, the subcision can also be filled with injectables to help boost skin regeneration and anti aging simultaneously.

Treatment for

Different Acne Scars

1)  Ice pick scars are deep, very narrow scars that extend into the dermis. The skin looks as if it has been pierced by an ice pick or sharp instrument. Ice pick scars seem to make a small, thin, deep hole into the skin. Some may look like a large, open pore.

How They Develop: Ice pick scars develop after an infection from a cyst or other deep inflamed blemish works its way to the surface. Skin tissue is destroyed, leaving a long, column-like scar.

2) Boxcar scars are round or oval depressions with steep vertical sides. Wider than ice pick scars, boxcar scars give the skin an uneven, pitted appearance.

How They Develop: When an inflammatory breakout destroys collagen, the tissue is lost. The skin over this area is left without support, creating a depressed area. Boxcar scars can be superficial to severe, depending on the amount of tissue lost.

3) Rolling Scars

This type of scarring causes rolling or wave-like depressions across otherwise normal-looking skin. Rolling scars differ from boxcar scars in that they aren’t sharply defined. The skin itself looks uneven and craggy.

How They Develop: Rolling scars arise when fibrous bands of tissue develop between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue below. These bands pull the epidermis, binding it to deeper structures of the skin. It is this pulling of the epidermis from within that creates the rolling appearance of the skin.

4) Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars

Hypertrophic scars are raised, firm scars that grow above the surface of the skin. Hypertrophic scars caused by acne are most often found on the torso, especially in men, but they can happen anywhere on the body. Hypertrophic scars are more common after a deep wound or trauma.

Keloids are a more severe type of raised scar. They differ from hypertrophic scars in that keloids grow larger than the original wound. They can send out raised, lateral shoots that expand much farther than the wound itself, and can continue to grown long after the original wound has healed. Some people are more prone to developing keloids.

How They Develop: Unlike ice pick and boxcar scars, hypertrophic scars are not caused by a loss of tissue. Rather, they develop because of an overproduction of collagen. In the case of keloids, it’s like the skin doesn’t know that the wound has healed, and continues to produce collagen.

5) Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Discoloration left on the skin after a pimple has healed isn’t a true acne scar, but rather post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It’s incredibly common for people with acne. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a flat area (neither raised nor pitted) that ranges in color from pink to red, purple, brown, or black, depending on your skin type.

How It Develops: Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation develops when a wound, rash, pimple, or other trauma causes skin inflammation. As the skin heals, it produces too much melanin (the substance that gives skin its color) leaving a darker area.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

Why is subcision one of the recommended Acne Scar Treatment?

There are no risk of Post-inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation and patient able to see visible results instantly and this treatment is versatile as it is able to treat almost all scar type.

How do I know that subcision for acne scars is the procedure for me?

The most important step to treat acne scars is to identify your scar type.

Rolling scars as well as bound-down and tethered scars need subcision treatment. If you see a depression/ dent when you smile or talk, this means that your scars are attached to the underlying structures such as the muscle layer and SMAS. Lasers cannot penetrate to the depth of muscle layers – not even with deep microneedling devices. Hence, you will need more than lasers to remove these stubborn scars.You will need subcision to release those tethered scars.

What Type Of Scars Are Suitable For Subcision?

Subcision is an excellent treatment option for the following types of scars:

Rolling acne scars
Chickenpox scars
Stretchable scars from injury or surgery
Can subcision for Acne Scars be combined with other acne scar treatments?
Mixed acne scarring is the most common form of acne scars. Therefore, combination treatments are necessary for acne scar revision.

Most patients who have acne scars will have a variety of scar types including rolling, atrophic, ice pick scars, together with boxcar scarring. I usually combine subcision together with energy-based devices like RF microneedling or Erbium Yag lasers and ablative RF technology to treat.

In summary, subcision for acne scars is a very useful modality for the treatment of acne scar types. I have always prefer to use a combination of laser treatments with subcision for optimal acne scar results.

PicoCLEAR Fractional

Ultra-Short Picosecond Laser

The next generation treatment for pigmentation lesions and acne scars removal (such as rolling and atrophic scars). The picosecond Nd:YAG laser (1064nm & 532nm) can also be used to treat mild wrinkles, sun damage and skin rejuvenation in ethnic skin types.

PicoCLEAR Fractional uses an ultra short pulse of 10−12 laser light to reach deep into the skin’s sub-layers to create micro-cavities in the target area (epidermis and/or dermis). This treatment targets the pigmentation more effectively, without damaging the superficial layers of the skin, minimizing discomfort, pain, side effects and downtime.

What can it do?

The PicoCLEAR Fractional provides the photomechanical effect, which is the mechanism by which the chromophores of lesions are fragmented and broken up following the application of short laser pulses that can quickly heat up the targeted chromophores, which is called thermal stress, as well as acoustic stress being achieved when laser pulse duration is less than the acoustic diffusion time. In addition, it makes collapse of the cavitation bubble to generate strong local mechanical forces within the dermis, so called as Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB).

PicoCLEAR generates high peak power and consistent picosecond pulse duration producing the strongest photomechanical forces within the skin to quickly and effectively breakdown and fragment pigments such as those found in tattoos. In addition, PicoCLEAR machine incorporates a patented Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) fractional technology consistently creating Laser-induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB) in the dermis even at low power.

This efficient combination of photomechanical effect and LIOB gives PicoCLEAR a significant point of difference with picosecond lasers on the market and delivers numerous advantages. PicoCLEAR’s DOE Fractional Laser Beam can safely generate optical breakdown in tissue, leading to an enhanced inflammatory healing process resulting in production of collagen and elastin.

Treatment for

Limited by the topical skincare products, medical aesthetic treatments are able to achieve. Ensoul offers PicoCLEAR Fractional Laser to help you eliminate the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation.

PicoCLEAR Fractional Laser is an FDA-approved, a 450-picosecond Nd: YAG based laser. It comes with a fractional handpiece, and is the only handpiece with a wide range of spot sizes for better precision and efficacy. It is also safer.

The ultra short pulse laser is able to generate faster pulses than nanosecond pulse lasers previously the common standard. This capability enables me to complete treatment in a shorter time.

Compared to Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing Laser, PicoCLEAR Fractional Laser is suitable for tanned skin, better at treating indented scars and enlarged pores, and also present significantly less post-treatment side effects, which means you’ll see a faster recovery. The PicoCLEAR machine is also versatile in resolving diffrent types of skin issues due to the four different wavelength which allows for better customisation to achieve desired results.

The PicoCLEAR Fractional Laser delivers energy in shorter bursts, which can help remodel skin, improve its texture, and also penetrate better without causing damage to skin surface.

Doctor’s Advice & Recommendation

What is the difference between the different types of Pico lasers?

Besides acne scars and pigmentations, PicoClear Fractional Laser can also treat a variety of other skin concerns such as dull skin, acne, rosacea, and also as general skin rejuvenation solution or for preventive skin care (anti-ageing). By using a combination of lasers customised to your skin condition, we are able to help achieve your facial goals as close as possible.