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Non Surgical Upper Cheek Contouring

The area of the cheek below the rims of the eyes, spreading out to the sides of the face area is an important region to augment for many older patients. As we age, the natural loss of dermal collagen, thinning of the fat pad and bone resorption will flatten the cheeks. This leads to more saggy skin, heavy jowls, sunken eyes and a downward turn of the lips. Padding the cheeks will lift the face.

The injection of cheek fillers has become a much sought-after procedure in Singapore. Filling the sunken cheek area with dermal fillers, like the hyaluronic acid filler Juvederm Voluma®, can give a natural looking and substantial improvement in the appearance of an aging face. The filler will add volume and make the jowls appear less conspicuous, by lifting the jowls up from the jawline. The injection performed by the doctor is extremely important in creating a natural look. We provide a vast range of effective cheek fillers in Singapore, so patients will rarely require cheek implant surgery.