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Freckles – Causes, Treatment & Removal Method

What are Freckles?

Freckles usually appear on parts of the skin, such as the face and arms, that are regularly exposed to sunlight. Freckles are basically groups of skin cells (keratinocytes) in which  melanin, the brown-colored skin pigment is located on the skin’s outer layer. This is why freckle spots are  flat in appearance. While you can touch and feel  moles because of their lumpy structure, freckles are unidimensional spots that can only be seen but not felt. Freckles are formed when specialized cells known as melanocytes, produce melanin. Regular exposure to sunlight, induces the melanocytes to increase their output  of melanin. This in turn, forces the pigment to seep out and get absorbed by the adjoining skin cells. That’s why freckles form in spots, rather than as a  uniform pattern stretching across the skin. Since people tend to get more exposure to the sun, in the summer, freckles are more likely to form during this time of the year. Irrespective of tone, all skin types can develop freckles. 

Freckles elimination and how can I prevent it from appearing

We have a range of treatment options for freckles removal in Singapore, which can lighten your brown spots and bring your skin closer to a balance tone as most brown spots can quite easily be lightened.

Usually, specific treatments or a combination thereof, are used to deliver the best results. This is because,  every individual’s skin is unique and must be treated in a customized manner.  Following a detailed consultation, we will formulate the most suitable treatment for you.

Prevention is key, to stop the recurrence of freckles from recurring. My  recommendation is to to rely on water-resistant sunscreens with SPF (sun protection factor) 30 and above. Make sure to fully cover your skin before venturing outdoors in  the sun. Since freckles are the result of sun exposure, ensure proper protection for the skin, from the UV rays, to minimize the possibility of developing freckles.

Frequently Asked Questions - Freckles

Q. How many treatments do I need to remove freckles?

A: From one to two weeks after the laser freckle removal treatment, the freckles get darker, scab and then peel off. We usually space freckle removal treatment at least one month apart. Most of our patients only need one to two sessions – in some cases, more treatments for freckle removal may be required.

Q. Is it painful?

A: The overall treatment is comfortable, no numbing is required unless advised by the doctor. 

Q. Is there downtime?

A: No, patients can continue with their daily routine after the treatment. There will be some slight redness on the skin which will subside within a few hours. 

Q. Will freckles recur after treatment?

A: As freckles are aggravated by sun exposure, it is important to adopt a sun protection regimen to ensure the freckles results are long lasting and sustainable and to prevent a recurrence