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Freckles – Causes, Treatment & Removal Method

What are Freckles?

Freckles are groups of skin cells (keratinocytes) that contain melanin, the brown skin pigment on the outer layer of the skin, so the spots are flat and cannot be felt. Unlike mole, freckles do not cause a lump. Freckles occur when melanin is produced by a specialized cell called a melanocyte. Exposure to sunlight stimulates the melanocyte to increase the amount of melanin it makes and the pigment seeps out and is picked up by the surrounding skin cells. That’s why the color appears in spots, instead of uniformly across the skin. Since people generally get more sun exposure in the summer, they tend to freckle more at that time. Freckles can also develop on all types of skin tones. 

Freckles elimination and How can I prevent it from appearing

We have a range of treatment options for freckles removal in Singapore, which can lighten your brown spots and bring your skin closer to a balance tone as most brown spots can quite easily be lightened.

Frequently, individual or a combination of treatments may be required for best results as not everyone’s skin will improve with the same set of treatments. Following your consultation, I will customize the most appropriate treatment for you.

To ensure freckles from recurring, prevention is key. I recommended to apply water-resistant sunscreens with at least SPF (sun protection factor) 30 and above. Ensure your skin are fully covered before going under the sun. As freckles are usually caused by sun exposure, ensure you are well protected from the UV to reduce the probability of developing freckles.