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Dr Kenneth Thean graduated with MBBS (Singapore) in 1981. In 1986, he obtained his post-graduate Fellowships of both the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of Glasgow. Prior to starting Ensoul Medical Clinic, he was formerly responsible for starting Singapore’s National Skin Center as their founder Administrator.

Earlier, aesthetic medical treatments was just beginning in Singapore, and aesthetics medicine was not well known. Dr Thean later developed a strong interest in aesthetics and decided to build a solid foundation in aesthetics medicine. Where he attended training and mentorship programs worldwide with knowledgeable and experienced aesthetic physicians from Korea, USA, South America, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and, of course Singapore. 

He is currently the Medical Advisor for Pure Laser Clinic Group and the Puro Laser Clinics in Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia. Being known for his interests in Medical Lasers, he has been appointed as the Key Opinion Leader for many Aesthetic Energy-Based Devices to treat the skin and body. His medical interest in skin and body treatment has also earned him a seat as one of the Cynosure Asia Pacific SculpSure Steering Committee members. He has been invited to give talks and lectures regionally and internationally where he imparts his knowledge and medical know-how to his fellow doctors. Dr Thean believes in constant learning and improving his techniques to provide better solutions and achieve optimal results for his patients.

His enduring passion and belief in the curative powers of lasers have charted the facility’s success over the years. With a dedication to concentrating on treating complex skin problems such as pigmentation, acne, scars, and skin laxity. Dr Thean had spent over the years learning and improving his knowledge of lasers and other energy-based devices, both locally and overseas. Today, he now contributes to expanding the science and art of aesthetics medicine. 

Our Philosophy

Every persons’ aesthetic goals and desires are different.
My philosophy is to plan, together with you, your journey to enhance your own natural beauty.
To reclaim your healthy youthful appearance by means of the quality medical grade treatment, products, and by utilizing modified medical techniques.


Dr Chiam graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2007. He is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine upon obtaining his Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

His wish to provide holistic care for my patients led me to obtaining the Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine (GDFM) in 2018. Prior to joining the dynamic team at Ensoul Medical Clinic, he was the regional trainer of a prominent aesthetics clinic chain. Thereafter the Medical Director of the aesthetics wing of a multispecialty medical group

Drawing from clinical experience of more than a decade, he believes that skin health is the basis of beauty. His approach is to use a combination of customised skincare products and energy-based devices. Such as laser and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to build the foundation of skin health for his patients. Similarly, his approach towards more invasive procedures like injections and thread lifts also focuses on creating natural, achievable beauty for his patients.

Education and continued learning have always been high on his priority list. He was part of the organising committee of the Singapore Society of Aesthetic Medicine Conference, one of the largest aesthetic medicine conferences in Southeast Asia. In recognition of his work in the local aesthetic medicine scene, he has been elected as an executive committee member of the Singapore Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

As part of his drive to better educate patients on the safety of Aesthetic Medicine, he has been interviewed by several notable publications. Apart from authoring several newspaper articles on his approach to aesthetic medicine, Dr Chiam is also active on radio talk shows in Singapore. Sharing his knowledge and dispensing advice to the public and addressing their concerns regarding aesthetic procedures and beauty.



Every person's aesthetic goals and desires are different. We believe in planning, together with you, your journey to enhance your own natural beauty. Our mission is to restore your youthful appearance through the use of the latest medical-grade equipment, products, and techniques. Every treatment modality has its own exceptional inherent benefits. By combining multiple cutting-edge technologies, we are able to harness the most effective effects of each modality in a cascading manner.Using one modality to treat the skin problem is no longer sufficient. In the past, increasing the intensity of treatment was the only method to achieve the desired results.

Although more intensive treatment may produce better results, the skin is a very delicate tissue and cannot tolerate excessive power. It is simply impossible to predict with any degree of certainty when the threshold limit of overtreatment has been reached for any given patient. On some occasions, the skin may get injured. Moreover, this single-dimensional method uses only one treatment modality, and increasing its power to achieve the desired results creates even more pain. After treatments are usually more painful and require longer recovery times. The risk of getting unpredictable and sometimes damaging results increases. It can make the whole experience unpleasant for patients.

Dr Thean have developed and formulated a combination of several synergistic procedures that, while individually effective and safe, produce much better results when combined as opposed to when used separately. The procedures are performed in a safe and comfortable environment following a well-established protocol. Different modalities treat different layers and structures of the skin, allowing the skin to be treated more thoroughly. In addition to being safer, this approach helps to minimize pain and downtime and gives a better result than individual treatment. My unique combination treatment is complemented with medical-grade dermatological products from my own customised skin care range. For maximum skin enhancement after your treatment, as well as continued improvement long after every treatment session, I formulate and prescribe products of the highest quality.


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