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Which type of Skin Boosting Injection is Suitable For Me?

Easily Choose the Right Skin Booster Injection for Your Face  

Wonder why Korean soaps and movies are quite the talk of the town? Genetics or skin booster?

Interesting story plots and production values apart, many of us invariably cannot help notice the movie stars who look so charming and beautiful! Their alabaster skin, pure as porcelain, flawless, perfect to the pores, so firm, and attractive, as the cameras lovingly caress their faces. In contrast, our skin pales to insignificance. The reasons we end up with facial skin that’s losing its gloss and dewy looks are not difficult to find.

Combine rising pollution levels, constant exposure to harsh sunlight, and lifestyle issues such as stress, and you have a surefire recipe for skin disaster. Your skin, especially on the relatively more delicate facial areas, bears the brunt of these modern-day hazards. 

Signs of Ageing and Dehydration 

Despite diligently using skincare and skin protection products, you find to your despair that the skin on your face is acquiring a tired, listless look. Fine lines begin to form in sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth. Gone is the skin you were so proud of. The dewy, soft-textured skin has been replaced by skin that looks unattractive, feels dry and rough to the touch. Routine skincare remedies such as lotions and creams are no longer as effective in helping your skin face the damage.     

Loss of hydration is one of the causes. So, how do those movie stars keep their facial skin looking so glowing and fresh? The answer lies in skin booster injections. 

What is a Skin Booster?  

Skin booster injections are a practical option, and have been around for a long time now. Basically, these booster injections are skin quality products that are designed to supply instant hydration to the water-starved skin cells on the face and surrounding areas.  By directly injecting them under the skin surface, your doctor will be able to immediately compensate for the lost moisture and help the skin to regain its attractive and youthful look.   

Skin Boosters are a class of facial skin rejuvenation products that replenish water reserves in the skin, and give it a chance to regain its original gloss and tone. The boosters are basically composed of hyaluronic acid which has strong water binding properties. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is also present naturally in the body and is therefore accepted easily by the body.

Doctors explain that the onset of skin dehydration is directly linked to reduced hyaluronic acid production in the body as we age. So, skin booster treatments try to address the problem by introducing hydration directly beneath the skin surface. As a result of the external rehydration treatment, the skin gets back its radiant and supple look.  

Choice of Skin Booster is Crucial 

Now, skin booster injections have gained in popularity. Flick through the pages of glossy magazines, surf the internet, or watch television, you’re bound to come across myriad advertisements extolling the benefits of various products that promise to transform your skin in a jiffy. You’re boggled by the sheer amount of information being dumped on you. Every advertisement is so attractive that you’re instantly tempted to try it. But then, your initial enthusiasm is overtaken by doubts, and confusion. "Which type of skin boosting injection is suitable for me?" , you end up asking yourself helplessly.  

This is precisely the reason why you need a trusted doctor to steer you through the clutter, back to facial skin that’s a joy to behold, and pleasure to feel.  Skin booster injectables are not a new phenomenon. They have been around for quite some time now. But as with most medical technologies, skin booster injections have also evolved over time. Almost every year, new products are introduced in the market. These products are either improvements on existing products or altogether new products with properties that differentiate them from other products. 

Types of Skin Booster 
  • Non-cross linked HA Skin Boosters

    This class of skin quality injectables were among the first products to gain popularity, thanks to the Korean movie and soap stars who vouched for their efficacy. Dr Chiam explains that these skin booster injections are injected directly beneath the skin, giving it a nice glow, and lubricated look. However, the treatment only lasts for three to four months, involving multiple sittings, making it a tedious process for people. 
    To achieve results that last around a couple of months, patients will typically require around three to four sessions, spread over four weeks. These products suit patients experiencing high levels of sensitivity due to chronically dry skin. Longer-lasting HA injections such as Juvederm Volite are ideal because the patients’ skin requires only hydration. This also saves the patient from being subjected to multiple sessions of the same treatment. The new hyaluronic acid skin boosters are able to produce long-lasting hydration even with a single session 
  • Polynucleotide Skin Boosters

    These are a more advanced version of HA skin booster injections that require lesser number of sessions for achieving results that last longer. Rejuran is an examples of polynucleotide skin booster products. These injections are made of DNA fragments harvested from natural such as salmon sperm.
  • Number of Sessions
    The skin booster is manually injected into the selected areas of the facial skin. On completion of the procedure, skin texture improves, pores size decrease, and skin hydration gets balanced. However, downtime is also a major factor in polynucleotide injections. The product is injected manually all over the face which results in swelling, redness, and formation of small bumps for a couple of days. Moreover, treatment with these skin booster injections requires patients to undergo 2-3 sessions spread over two to four weeks.  

Patients grappling with skin texture problems such as open pores, oily skin, or chronically tired or aged skin, are ideal candidates for treatment with polynucleotide type of injections. Products such as Rejuran in this range of skin quality products, targets tiredness in the skin and promote efficient healing as compared to hyaluronic acid injections 

  • Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid Skin Boosters

    These are the latest category of skin quality injections. In addition to replenishing the hydration content, these products promote collagen production, and also have a tightening effect on the treated skin. These skin booster products are injected over 2-3 sessions after a 4-week gap each.  The skin booster needs to be injected on five specific points on both sides of the face, and that’s it.
    The effects last for up to 6 to 9 months.  In patients who have aged skin, and looking to improve the firmness, tightness as well as hydration in the skin, doctors recommend products such as Profhilo. Because it’s an allrounder that works in all areas of skin rejuvenation – hydration, skin firming, and collagen production.  
Sailing through with Skin Boosters 

As we can see, there are several types of skin booster injections, each with its own set of strengths. Cutting through the hype and selecting the appropriate can be a tough task for the layperson. It is a job best left to experienced doctors whose expertise lies in injectables. Simplify your quest for renewed skin quality. All it takes is a consultation and detailed assessment at the Ensoul Medical Clinic. Remember, your skin deserves the right treatment with the right skin boosters.