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Warts, Oil Seeds, Skin Tag Removal with Laser Treatment

Warts, oil seeds and skin tags are skin growths that can be found on any part of the body. They are more commonly found on the neck, eyelids, under arm area, under the breasts and the groin. While most of these are harmless, people often choose to remove them as they can be unsightly and cause discomfort when you rub against them.

The traditional method to treat skin warts was to use an ablative laser to destroy the wart. However, to carry out a complete removal, the surrounding skin will also get damaged, leaving a depressed scar. The newer method I now practice is to use a vascular laser to cut off the feeding blood vessels to the wart. The wart itself dies and the surrounding skin remains intact.

Whereas, Skin tags can be removed by an ablative laser. I prefer to use an Erbrium Yag instead of a CO2 laser, as there is lower risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.