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Repair Acne MediFacial

The Ensoul Medi Glow Facial (70mins) is a unique face therapy for deep cleansing, smoothening and improving your skin tone and texture. Suitable for all skin types, the treatment is customised and tailored to the individ- ual’s needs. It is excellent for eliminating acne, wrinkles and brightening up dull skin and giving it a natural radiant glow.

Before embarking upon a treatment, Our doctors first assess the patient’s skin condition and prescribes a customised treatment combination that is appropriate for the individual’s skin needs.

The Process

1. Deep Cleansing
Firstly, our therapist cleanses the patients’ face using DR. KT’s Oil Free Cleanser to remove all traces of make up, oil and sweat that have accumulated on the skin, through the course of the day. Proper and thor- ough cleansing is crucial as it prevent surface breakouts and also helps to brighten any dullness, ultimately enhancing skin complexion.

2. Skin Peel Repair
After cleansing, a layer of skin peel repair is applied to help to clear excess sebum and debris from the skin follicles. This stage of the therapy aids in clearing active acne lesions and also prevents the formation of fu- ture acne lesions. The dermabrasion also helps in reducing wrinkles and discolourations of the skin.

3. Medical Extraction
Medical extractions are an important part of the acne treatment process. Medical extractions are considered an excellent way to clean out comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and also help in speedier clearing of acne. When applied in combination with a chemical peel, medical extractions prove even more effective in the treatment of acne. During the medical extraction process, the therapist will extract the clogged pores, comedones, and inflammatory acne lesions on the skin. This process works even better when performed immediately after a chemical peel. This is because the chemical peel helps to firmly remove excess sebum and debris from the skin follicles, resulting in neutralisation of active acne lesions and the prevention of fu- ture acne lesions.

4. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) – Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation
IPL laser is a medical technology where an intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse light is passed through the skin. The filtered bands of light are made up of various wavelengths that deeply penetrate the skin and effec- tively solve the different skin-related concerns. In Medi Glow Facial therapy, two types of light are utilised- Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation.


IPL Hair Removal Benefit

The bacteria that cause oily skin, travel from the skin’s pores via facial hair, resulting in the oil and bacteria spreading to adjacent pores. Clients with thick, dark hair, usually suffer ingrown hairs that spread bacteria, trapped in the pores, leading to acne flare ups. Eliminating hair, with facial laser hair removal, will signifi- cantly reduce breakouts because there will no longer be any hair available, for the bacteria to cling on to. The sebaceous glands are also likely to produce less oil after a treatment. And with less oil, there’s less acne.
Since acne develops when the skin cells don’t shed properly—meaning they don’t exit your body—unblock- ing these glands will substantially reduce further development of acne as sebum, oils, and bacteria will no longer be trapped within them. The scars that usually accompany current outbreaks of acne, will also get re- duced.

Skin Rejuvenation with IPL

The additional benefit of IPL is that it instantly rejuvenates the skin apart from lightening the dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation. IPL technology comes with the advantage of stimulating collagen production in the subdermal layer of the skin and acting as a pore minimiser. You can literally witness fine lines and wrinkles disappear, leaving you with a smoother, more even skin tone and complexion. With new genera- tion IPL technology, you can heal damaged skin, restoring your natural complexion with an added radiance.

Hydro Cooling Anti-Aging Mask

The Hydro Cooling Anti-Aging Mask has several peeling edges, which are very effective at exfoliating the skin. It helps to remove dead cells form the outermost layer of the skin which in turn help exfoliation, clean- ing out impurities to rejuvenate the complexion.

Tonifying activity Spirulina is very rich in vitamins E, C and A (retinol) – recognised for their anti-ageing activity. While stimulating the cell’s renewal, they improve the tissues’ tonicity. The vitamin A has an espe- cially skin-tightening effect while increasing the collagen fiber’s rejuvenation rate. Associated with the vita- min E and its strong anti-oxidant action, the vitamin A helps to firm up the skin. The menthol cryo-complex content in the mask has a calming and refreshing action. Spirulina, with origins in the marine world, strengthens this feeling thanks to the revitalising minerals and trace elements it releases.

When applied to the face, it behaves as a second skin which takes on the exact shape of the treated area’s contours. A skin-tightening effect is felt during the treatment. The mask contains algae that helps cool and refresh the skin. has Along with a lifting effect and anti-inflammatory action, it – tightens enlarged pores, improves blood circulation, increases oxygen supply and promotes the resorption of stagnant spots from acne and pimples. Its draining effect (improves blood flow and lymph flow) improves the complexion and serves as a good barrier against premature aging.

The advantages of the mask are that it is useful and effective for normal, combination, dry, and oily skin types. Alginate mask can be used for the care of aged skin – one of its distinct advantage as it prevents the appearance of early wrinkles by promoting smooth skin and balancing the skin tone.