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Hydra Skin Rejuvenation Facial

Your Medi-Facial For Dry Skin & Uneven Skin Tones

Now, gift your skin a fresh lease of life with the Hydra Skin Rejuvenation Facial. While medical facials are typically more intensive and thorough than traditional spa facials, they can still be incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. 

This non-irritating facial therapy effectively deep cleanses the skin, eliminates dead skin cells, nourishes the skin and provides deep skin rejuvenation. All this, while relaxing the mind and body. The Hydra Skin Rejuvenation Facial combines several different steps to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it looking brighter, smoother, and more radiant than before. 

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What is Hydra Skin Rejuvenation Facial Therapy?

Every day your skin is exposed to free radicals like pollution, sun and stress, which damage vital skin cells like collagen and elastin that keep you looking youthful and vibrant.

This non-invasive facial treatment uses a patented Uniform Spray Control Technology and Vortex-Fusing antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid for deeper penetration of ingredients into the skin. The unique spiral design makes it easy to dislodge and remove impurities through a vortex effect while hydrating skin with potent antioxidants. 

The Hydra Skin Rejuvenation Facial is a skin resurfacing 5-step facial treatment therapy that combines soothing and invigorating spa therapies with medical-grade ingredients. It delivers instant, lasting results in the following steps:

Cleanse & Exfoliate

STEP 1 & 2 (Cleanse)

The facial begins with a thorough double-cleansing to remove any make-up residues, excess sebum and impurities and dirt that have accumulated on the surface of the skin. 

STEP 3 (Exfoliate)

Using the patented Uniform Spray Technology,  a gentle peel is applied to the skin to slough off the dead skin cells as well as to remove any residual surface impurities. The Uniform Spray Technology allows the peel solution to be uniformly distributed on the skin which allows for an even absorption. 

Extract & Unclog 

STEP 4 & 5 (Extract & Unclog)

This step of the facial utilises the Vortex Spiral suction Technology to effectively unclog and extract the congestion in the pores. The suction is able to draw the impurities out from within the pores to prevent acne formation and to allow for skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin better. 

This part of the treatment is designed for sebum dissolution, and treatment of blackheads as well as effective pore control. It also helps the skin to strike a healthy balance between oily and moisture textures. 

The fifth step of the treatment involves a thorough medical extraction. The purpose of this step is to address the congestion in closed pores. The medical extraction is conducted by a medically-trained aesthetician who will carefully perform the extraction to minimise potential damage to the skin.

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Hydrate & Rejuvenate

STEP 6 & 7 (Hydration and Infusion)

This step of the facial comprises an infusion of Dr KT's medical-grade serum containing active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. The vortex technology facilitates maximum penetration of the ingredients, ensuring a deeper nourishment for the skin. 

STEP 8 & 9 (Relax and Rejuvenate) 

On completion of the infusion, the treatment continues with a facial massage that is highly relaxing for the mind and body. The massage also works to improve circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage in the facial region. 

Lastly, the facial rounds off with a moisturising cream mask to lock in the nutrients and moisture to rejuvenate the skin and restore youthful and healthier skin. 

Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

The Hydra Skin Rejuvenation Facial is suitable for all skin types and for people with the following skin concerns: 


After just one treatment, most people report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone. A series of treatments is recommended for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkleshyperpigmentation, dull and oily/acne-prone skin.