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Ensoul Intensified Skin Renewal Program

The Ensoul Intensified Skin Renewal Program is a unique aesthetic treatment using a combination of multiple therapies in a single session.
It consists of 3 components :

  1. Quad Laser
  2. 4D Anti-Aging Laser
  3. Intensified Anti-Aging Infusion

What is Quad Laser?

1. QUAD LASER comprises four different lasers which target 2 different skin layers – Epidermis and Dermis. The four modalities include (Q-Switched laser, Yag Laser, Pro Yellow Light and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) modality treatments in a successive sequence). As different laser treatment modalities use different wavelength source of high-energy light, it can target different layer of the skin or skin issues. (Eg. pigmentation, acne, melasma, skin redness and facial veins).

Lasers can be combined to augment the stimulation of collagen production and regeneration of new skin cells. Combined treatment modalities yield better results but is technically more demanding and therefore requires an experienced doctor.
The Quad laser treatment objective is to help patients achieve smaller pores, smoother skin, lightening of pigmentation and fairer skin. It also includes intense toning, lifting, skin tightening, and pronounced skin renewal, resulting in natural glow and lightening effect.

The series of non-ablative lasers treat both the epidermis and the dermal layers of the facial skin while the laser skin resurfacing focus on the epidermis layer of the skin causing the skin to rejuvenate and create new, healthier skin cells, resulting in an improvement in skin tone and texture.
One of the many benefits is that there is no downtime. Patients are able to walk out of the clinic looking radiant and more youthful after one session.


The toning and lifting laser targets the dermis layer. Patients will generally notice the immediate lifting effect and sense that the skin becomes firmer. The toning and lifting laser treatment are designed to penetrate to almost the full thickness of the skin and target the dermal layer of the skin. This arrangement will maximally stimulate new collagen growth and accelerate elastin production.

Enables by the expanded capabilities of Nd:YAG and Er:YAG, different wavelengths provide four dimension mode for this treatment. It works on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin, while simultaneously targeting different skin imperfections. With these multiple modalities, it enables full-thickness contraction of collagen for persistent, low-downtime tightening and volumization (wrinkle reduction) without injectable.

Treatment for

What are the effectiveness of the combination of Quad & 4D Anti-aging Laser

The dual therapy targets the epidermal surface, and tones and tightens the inner layer of the skin. The result is a marked improvement in the appearance of the skin, especially for ageing skin. The skin becomes significantly thicker, smoother, glowing, and much more youthful.

Intensified Anti Aging Infusion Treatment

Finally, the patients will undergo the Intensified Anti Aging Infusion procedure. This treatment consists of infusing customised medical grade vitamins into the skin. These vitamins nourish, plump and vitalize the skin to impart a more youthful appearance to the facial skin. Some vitamins include;

  • Glutathione: (Anti Oxidant that reduces the melanin production, this vitamins also helps with skin whitening effect)
  • Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic acid (Moisture the skin, helps with skin tightening effect)
  • Skin Revitaliser

It is the most appropriate and convenient office procedure, specially tailored for busy individuals who are expected to look good at all time.