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The Secrets of Regaining Luscious Lips, Revealed!

Your lips don't lie - especially when it comes to revealing your actual age. While you can artfully gloss over the tell-tale signs of aging skin, such as wrinkles and fine lines, under layers of make-up, it's an entirely different story when it comes to aged lips. And we wonder why are there such high Google search volume for the phrase "lip filler" in Singapore.

Lip Filler In Singapore - With Hyaluronic Filler

Luscious, well-defined lips are the hallmark of youth and natural beauty. However, as we age, our full lips tend to lose volume, shape, and gloss. Add to this the constant exposure to weather, pollution, wear and tear. So, it's no surprise that lips are a conspicuous barometer of your biological age.

How we wish that the curvaceous, bow-shaped, luscious lips of our twenties, and early thirties, retain their youthful look forever!

But not to worry. Just as the lips are among the most delicate areas of the face, they are also the most amenable to rejuvenation treatments. Previously, collagen did the trick for lips, and now hyaluronic acid filler is an available option in Singapore.

So, what actually happens to our lips, as we begin to move beyond our prime years?

How Our Lips Change With Age

  • Collagen depletion – Just as happens with the rest of the skin, collagen depletion is the casualty of aging, in your lips too. Collagen provides for elastin and hyaluronic acid - the skin’s basic building blocks. So, the effects of collagen loss are immediately felt and seen. That is especially apparent in the lip.  The loss of collagen also results in volume loss, and reduced elasticity of the lips. Therefore, resulting in an unmistakable sign of aging.
  • Loss of moisturization - The lip skin is composed of three to five cellular layers; the skin on the remaining areas of the face has three to four times as many skin layers. The relatively thinner skin on the lips makes them more prone to moisture loss, and therefore loss of volume and natural gloss. The presence of a very thin stratum corneum means that the delicate lip skin is more vulnerable to dehydration and the consequential damages.
  • Constant tongue-flicking over lips - Contrary to popular belief, moistening your lips with the tongue ends up drying them even more. Actually, the saliva contains enzymes to help break down the foods we consume. The enzyme-laden saliva irritates the delicate skin and mops up the natural oil content instead of hydrating lips whenever we lick our lips. The end result is dry lips with a desiccated look.
  • Sun exposureThe sun's harsh rays are carriers of harmful UV rays that damage the delicate skin on the lips.
  • Smoking - Cigarette and cigar smoke contain tar and several other carcinogens that damage and discolored lips. The harsh smoke also leads to the formation of wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.

Lip Fillers Explained

In a nutshell, lip rejuvenation treatments revolve around replenishing volume, water, and gloss in the skin cells. And lip fillers are just what the doctor ordered for augmenting lips in Singapore.

In recent times, hyaluronic acid fillers have emerged as one of the options for lip rejuvenation procedures.  Not least, hyaluronic acid is produced in the human body and does not interfere with our internal physiology. Secondly, hyaluronic acid attracts and retains water. Most importantly, these fillers allow for a great degree of customization. That is,  the amount of fillers that are injected in different lip zones to create your desired result.

The filler helps to simultaneously improve all three problem areas of the lips - shape, volume and structure. When it is injected, the filler gel fits into the lip contours, bolsters the tissues, and redefines the shape too. As Dr Chiam puts it succinctly, “lovely lips need to have more volume, adequate hydration, and natural glow. And hyaluronic acid fillers for lips does the job admirably well.”

Lip Augmentation (with Filler) Treatment in Singapore

Reshaping and rejuvenation of lips is a procedure where the filler quantity and doctor’s experience play a crucial role in deciding the final outcome. Insufficient filler can result in lips that are not plump enough nor suitably well-defined. On the other hand, too much of lip filler, and you can end up with oversized lips, commonly known as sausage lips. A practiced aesthetic clinic begins with an assessment of the lips’ size and shape.

  • Vermillion Border

    After determining the amount of volume, hydration, and gloss value to be added, the procedure begins with addressing the fading outline of the lips, also known as the vermillion border. When filler is injected in this area, the borders or edges around the lips, regain volume and definition.
  • Cupid’s Bow
    Thereafter it is time to repair the V-shaped portion located at the center of the top lip. Known as the ‘cupid’s bow’ it is considered a sign of beauty and tends to wither and shrink with age. Injecting the area with a bit of lip filler does the trick.
  • Philtrum Column

    "Philtrum Column’ – the vertical channel running from below the nose to the cupid’s bow.  Other areas addressed during the lip rejuvenation procedure include the corners of the mouth, which tend to droop. This is done along with the assesssment of cheeks and jowls that succumbed to gravitational pulls. By injecting fillers, the corners can be given an upward orientation, resulting in a youthful, cheerful visage.


Procedure of Lip Augmentation with Filler in Singapore ?

In cases where a patient doesn’t require drastic rejuvenation, a softer filler is used to impart hydration to the lips so that they acquire a soft and supple look and prevent cracks from forming. The non-cross linear hyaluronic acid fillers used for this purpose, also give a natural pink coloration to the lips.

The procedure takes 20-30 minutes. The process of lip filler treatments in Singapore is made comfortable by mild anaesthetic used along with the filler. However, avoid alcohol and spicy foods immediately after undergoing the procedure. The results generally last for up to a year.

Is Lip Augmentation Safe?

In general, lip fillers are safe in Singapore when injected in the right amount of dosages at the correct depth. It is important to know that the clinic uses only HSA regulated brands of fillers for use in Singapore. Hence, the need to approach a doctor who is experienced in the science and art of lip rejuvenation.  If you’re wondering how to achieve soft, full-looking lips and any other queries on lip fillers, it’s quite easy actually.

Fix an appointment at the Ensoul Medical Clinic Singapore.  Our doctors will be happy to explain the intricacies in detail.