In this treatment, the energy from red coloured or blue coloured light is used to heal skin conditions. Originally conceived to speed up the healing process for wounds and surgery related scars, SMARTLUX LED LITE is used extensively in skin rejuvenation and  elimination of acne scars.

The red diode light is meant for increasing the cell production rate through a process known as photobiostimulation, which increases production of  collagen and elastin. As a result of accelerated microcirculation, the skin tone improves and fine wrinkles get smoothed out. Usually the LED Light Therapy is used to complement other procedures such as photo-rejuvenation, radio frequency needling, plasma therapy, mesotherapy, chemical peeling etc. It boosts the treatment effect, speeds up the reparation cycles, and aids the post-surgery healing process.

The blue diode light is used in acne treatment. It reduces the acne bacteria population, stops excess sebum, promotes production of elastin and Collagen. Appropriate for sensitive skin types, it is also used in conjunction with other therapies to treat acne conditions.

The advantages of LED technology:

✓ Pain relief
✓ Skin revitality
✓ Improved immunity
✓ Minimal side-effects
✓ Can be done all year round
✓ Quick recovery after painless treatment