Scarring is a natural part of the healing process. Any injury, burn, surgical operation or skin problem, like acne, can cause a scar. SCarring is psychologically distressing and cosmetically challenging to treat. Concealing an inconspicuous scar is easy. However, facial scars or large visible scars are unattractive.


  1. Flat pigmented scars. The skin is not depressed or protruding but the scar is different in colour compared to the normal surrounding skin. It can be red, dark brown, black or even white.
  2. Indented scars. These are depressions within the skin. Indented scars result from insufficient collagen production during healing. They usually result after acne, chicken pox, and an Indented scars can also be red or dark brown in colour.
  3. Raised scars. These scars are raised and are a result from overproduction of collagen. They do not extend beyond the boundary of the injury. They can also be red or dark brown in
  4. Keloids are overgrown scars from overly aggressive wound healing. They are thick, irregular, raised, red scars that extend beyond the wound boundary. Keloids can be itchy and may hamper movement.

The uneven colour from pigmented, flat, indented or raised scars can be lightened by laser treatment. This is a good form of treatment as the red or dark brown colour can be brought to close to your normal skin colour.

Indented scars and raised scars are treated by fractional laser or ablative radio frequency treatments. These treatments target to remodel collagen and level the skin. Significant improvements in skin smoothening can be obtained.

Keloids and thick scars can be treated by a series of steroid injections directly into the fibrous scar tissues. Laser treatment can improve the color of the keloid.

We have many modalities of fractional skin resurfacing and non-fractional scar treatments. Working with our collagen remodeling lasers, these treatments aim to decrease the depth and improve the appearance of your scars.

There are many types of scars and different approaches are needed to achieve optimal results. A thorough examination to determine the extent, depth, colour and type of your scars will be done. Dr Thean will then recommend a personalized blend of treatments for you. Since each individual is unique, Dr Thean will be closely monitor your progress to modify your treatments on your journey to achieve a much smoother skin.

Each session takes about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the depth and severity of your scars.


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