Q-Switched Laser

The Q-switched Laser is also known as Q-Switched Nd-Yag Laser. It is used in treating a number skin treatments, for conditions ranging from sun spots, freckles, age spots and so on. The coloured pigments in these skin conditions,  absorb the laser energy emitted at precisely 1064nm wavelength.

Depending upon individual patient skin conditions and the treatment objectives, the power settings can be calibrated for laser wavelength precision. Q-Switched Laser is primarily used to treat:

> Pigmentation – the coloured pigments in the affected skin areas, absorb the laser energy and dissolve into smaller units that are then naturally expelled from the body through its natural excretory processes.

> Acne Marks – inflammation due to pimples, are the primary cause of acne. The skin produces pigments in response to the inflammation of pimples. Ultimately, the pigments lead to development of acne marks and scars. However, laser treatment can address such situations very effectively.)

> Skin Fairness – just like our hair, our skin colour is also influenced by the quantity of skin pigments. People with darker skin or those who spend a lot of time outdoors, are more likely to have more skin pigmentation. The Q-switch laser can help lighten the skin tone, giving it a fairer and fresher look.)

> Skin Rejuvenation – the energy emitted by the laser, removes the dirt, reduces unworthy skin cells and also superficial hair on the face.)

> Pimples and Acne – apart from shrinking the oil glands development and controlling oil emissions, the Q-Switch laser also kills propionibacterium, which is responsible for the development of pimples and acne. Also, since the laser treatment is non-invasive, pimples and acne conditions tend to display less inflammation, keeping acne marks to a minimum.)

> Tattoo removal – unlike acne and pimple scars, tattoos are foreign pigments embedded in our body. Thus, the laser wavelength is able to remove the tattoo ink pigments from the skin surface.

Expected Outcomes 
While Laser Treatment may not result in spotlessly clear pigmentation, you can certainly look forward to a visibly apparent lighter skin pigmentation after undergoing the treatment.

- Superior oil control
- Fairer and tighter skin
- Removal of tattoo marks 
- Lesser incidence of acne and pimples

The good news is that there is absolutely no downtime involved! Apart from a slight pinkish flush that might be present in the treatment area for not more 15 minutes, there are no hurdles in going about our daily routines. In fact, female patients can don their make up as soon as the treatment is over, and get back to work.