Pro Yellow Laser

Pro Yellow Laser is a type of diode laser that is useful in reducing acne scars, sensitivity, redness, and melasma. When used regularly, under expert supervision, you can be assured of maximum results with minimal discomfort and side-effects.

​How does it work?
Since it is applied at a precise wavelength of 577 nm, Pro Yellow Laser is a safe option for treating a number of facial skin conditions like acne marks, rosacea, pigmentation, facial veins, and uneven skin textures. However, it must be noted that results are manifested gradually, with skin emerging clearer, more even-textured, and younger-looking too.

Should you opt for Pro Yellow Laser?
Pro Yellow Laser is appropriate for people suffering from any of the following conditions:

  1. Vascular Lesions or Red Spots
    - Rosacea
    - Telangiectasia or Spider Veins
  2. Pigmentation Lesions or Brown Spots
    - Lentigines
    - Melasma
  3. Skin that's prone to redness
  4. Skin that's prone to sensitivity

How safe is it? Are there any side-effects?
Since it does not harm the external skin layer, Pro Yellow Laser is considered a safe therapy. There are also no noticeable side-effects, ranging from mild swelling to redness of the skin, and vary from patient to patient. Usually, the side-effects subside within a couple of hours after the treatment.

What is the treatment procedure?
First of all  the skin is cleansed properly and the eyes are covered with laser-protection goggles. Thereafter, the yellow laser beam is beamed at the face, to shrink the facial capillaries or tiny red blood vessels in the area.

How much time does a treatment session require?
A session usually lasts for about 15 minutes. However, sessions may range between 10 and 40 minutes – depending upon individual patients and their specific condition.

What to expect post-treatment?
Immediately after a laser treatment session, the targeted skin area is likely to get a pinkish look for about an hour or so. However, make up can be used on the treated skin, because the skin has not been inflicted with any external wound or trauma. Also, patients can get immediately get back to their daily routine as there is no post-operative healing period involved.