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Popular Pigmentation Treatment Options for Youthful Skin

Watching your favourite shows on TV, you wonder how the stars look so young and fresh on-screen? If not some secret miracle anti-pigmentation cream, it must be the make-up; you console yourself as usual. But truth be told, don’t you truly wish for skin that looks gorgeous and young?

Who wouldn’t love flawless skin? Skin that is smooth, plump, devoid of blemishes, and youthful-looking – in short, the movie star looks that we all so covet but are scared to wish for. 

The fact is that all of us are born with good skin. But with the passage of time, the impact of aging, gravity, harsh sunlight, pollution, and lifestyle issues, aging begins to show up in the form of skin pigmentation. The adverse effects are most felt and seen on the facial skin, which begins to look dull, jaded, wrinkled, and pigmented. In fact, pigmentation is one of the most common skin issues that we suffer from. So, what is pigmentation? 

As the word denotes, pigmentation means colouration or the presence of colour. Usually, an excess or deficit of colour component in the skin is termed pigmentation. In such cases, the skin or some parts of the skin surface could appear darker or lighter than normal or the adjoining areas of the skin. The affected areas could also have a texture that is more rough or coarse to the touch. Common types of pigmentation includes melasma, hyperpigmentation, freckles, solar lentigines, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (acne marks), old age spots and more.

There is little that conventional solutions, such as creams and chemical peels, can do in terms of reversing these damages. One of the effective solutions for getting rid of pigmentation is through lasers and energy-based devices.

Laser Treatment For Different Types of Pigmentations

Fortunately for us, some effective skin-rejuvenation treatments are available today that tackle pigmentation issues. Involving the extensive use of lasers, these treatment regimens offer convenient, comfortable, and very effective solutions in removing the years from your face and body. More importantly, laser skin pigmentation procedures are quick and safe, with hardly any side effects. The results of laser treatment are quick, visible, sustainable, and skin can be easily rejuvenated with post-laser treatments. 

Interestingly, while lasers are applied on the surface, they penetrate the sub-layers and work on the underlying tissue strata from within. By resurfacing the epidermis layer and generating energy under the skin surface, the laser beams initiate a process called neo-collagenesis. As a result, collagen production gets a boost and this significantly reduces wrinkles, sun damage, scarring and other skin diseases.

Laser Pigmentation

Especially in recent times, laser skin treatment technology has advanced so much that it has evolved into a very specialized medical field. This is because skin appearance and tone vary in terms of the underlying muscle, tissue thickness, and internal cellular make-up. Moreover, with factors such as the age, gender, physical constitution, genetic background of the patient, the extent, and severity of the skin pigmentation problems, at play, only experienced laser practitioners can diagnose and provide the right laser treatment.

Lasers Therapy Explained

For instance, the Q-switched laser emits picosecond or nanosecond light pulses in frequencies of 532nm and 1064nm to treat shallow and deep pigmentation issues, such as age spots or freckles. Apart from destroying melanin pigments, the laser’s energy also stimulates collagen production within the dermis.

Similarly, laser resurfacing deploys laser beams in precise energies and wavelengths to improve the tone and texture of the skin. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the results can be noticeable, to say the least. In this treatment, laser beams are harnessed to produce thermal energy, which penetrates the skin layers. This heat energy then works on the skin - vaporizing the cells, stimulating collagen growth - and using the body’s inherent restorative processes to regenerate fresh, healthy-looking skin. In the process, a number of skin problems such as wrinkles, sunspots, acne scars, enlarged pores, and uneven pigmentation get rectified even as the surrounding skin and tissues remain safe.

Although they work on the same principle, laser devices are available in many configurations to effectively treat the different skin issues we face. Each laser device in the clinic has a specific purpose or role in treating a specific part of the skin problems. Depending upon variables such as laser type, pulse, duration, energy, probe type, and laser wavelength, your doctor will choose the appropriate devices to address individual skin and aging complexities.

Lasers are routinely used in multiple skin treatments

Although true, it would be unrealistic to expect these wonder rays to be effective in all scenarios. For instance, while lasers can be immensely useful in enlarged pores, supplementary devices such as radiofrequency microneedling may need to be added for the optimal treatment of complex hyperpigmentation cases. When confronted by stubborn pigmentation cases, you’ll probably find that Dr Thean may consider combining other options such as topical medications or RF microneedling treatments. 

With multiple skin conditions and several variable factors involved, the permutations and combinations of treatments are mind-boggling – something that is best left to the professionals. As Dr Thean explains with a smile, in his past experiences handling skin pigmentation disease, he has rarely come across entirely identical skin problems, nor does he use exactly the same treatment for all his patients. For the uninitiated, all lasers may seem alike. The ground reality is that skin pigmentation is a specialized subject, and only the experienced doctor can help decide which devices or their combination can fetch tangible results in each individual case. International trainer like Dr Thean, almost intuitively reach out for the appropriate laser and get down to work.

When you visit the clinic for a consultation, several other energy-based skin treatment devices are likely to figure in your discussions with the doctor depending on the type of pigmentations you have. 

Get the Right Advice for the Right Skin Treatment 

So, does laser pigmentation removal work? you ask yourself. Who do you talk to, for clearing your doubts? Remember, the right information can help you regain your original skin tone and often improve upon it. Conversely, half-baked or misleading information can adversely impact your precious skin. As we all know, facial skin, especially around the eyes, nose, and lips, is very sensitive and delicate. Therefore, it’s important that you knock on the right doors for help. 

Ensoul Medical Clinic enjoys a reputation as a reliable destination for pigmentation removal treatment, that Singapore and surrounding countries can depend upon. You can conveniently book a consultation with Dr Kenneth Thean or Dr Chiam Chiak Teng. Thereafter, embark upon an exciting journey of discovery into the world of skin pigmentation treatments in modern times. During a detailed assessment and consultation session, you can seek answers to all your doubts and queries. You will gain meaningful insights into the several options that Laser Technology treatment offers. By the end of the session, you will understand that there is simply no ‘one treatment modality that suits all pigmentation types’ approach, just as we are all different.

As you can see, smooth, youthful, lively skin and looks need not belong to movie stars alone. You deserve to look equally good and more. Take that first step, laser the skin problems out of your life! 

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