A non-ablative laser procedure that relies on extremely short energy pulses, Long Pulse ND: YAG Laser is frequently used to tighten pores, in skin rejuvenation, hair removal and cut down the visibility of deep vascular lesions. The treatment is safe and effective for people with any kind of skin. The inner dermal layer is showered with photo-thermal energy, which in turn stimulates the collagen surrounding each pore. In this way, the pore size is reduced and oil secretion is also controlled. Wrinkles on the face can also be treated effectively with this treatment.

- Better skin tone
- Reduction in rosacea condition and thread facial vein
- Reduction in fine lines and facial wrinkles
- Firmer and tighter skin
- Stimulation of fresh collagen
- Production of elastin production

 The ND YAG Laser operates in 2 wavelengths – 1064 nm and 532 nm respectively. Designed to treat pigment cells, the ND YAG is a non-ablative laser, wherein the skin tissue continuity is retained during the course of the treatment. The pigments, basically melanin, preferentially absorb the specific wavelengths of the lasers. The emanating energy then clears the pigment.

Using the ND YAG LASER is a fairly simple procedure. Requiring about 15 minutes, it is also fast and does not call for any downtime. A good lunch time medi-facial procedure for the working class. The laser energy penetrates the dermis and rejuvenates it.

There are minimal side-effects and these are limited to redness of the treated portion. But this condition lasts for barely a few hours. Usually, there is no swelling and therefore the patient can get back to work immediately after the treatment.

The results of this treatment, for pigmentation, may not be evident immediately after the treatment. In fact before results begin to show themselves, there is a possibility of the treated skin getting dark for a week or two. But when it comes to skin lightening procedures and skin rejuvenation, the results are almost instant.