At present, in Singapore, HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the most popular and result-oriented skin lifting treatments. It is a sought after treatment because it reduces skin laxity and fat cells, without causing damage to the skin and adjoining tissues.  HIFU basically builds selective thermally coagulative zones atop the Superficial Muscular  System (SMAS) layer.

HIFU SygmaLIFT uses a combination of micro ultrasound waves and focal lines, to reactivate the facial skin tissues in a non-invasive manner. It precisely focuses a thousand intervening rays of ultrasound energy, at a specified target depth, on the skin tissue. Every individual energy beam generates a progressive action that is thermal and mechanical, in nature. As a result, fat cells are drained away at a faster rate.

In this process, the skin surface remains undamaged since the temperatures used for treatment, vary between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius. In the course of 2 or 3 months after the treatment is administered, you can observe that the skin is gradually lifting up.

How HIFU actually works?
Electric energy is converted into ultrasonic waves, via the HIFU transducer. The ultrasound thus generated, is focused on the inner adipose tissues and muscles. This generates heat and results in fat cells getting drained.

It basically boosts the thermal coagulation processes in the fascia, SMAS, dermis as well as subcutaneous fibre tissues. Over the succeeding couple of months, the skin begins to tighten, leading to its rejuvenation. This treatment is especially useful for reducing wrinkles and saggy skin.

When can I see results?
Usually it takes about 10 to 13 weeks for the treatment to show results. You will soon start noticing that fine lines have disappeared, and the overall result is younger looks with taut fresher looks.

How about side-effects?
HIFU treatment is absolutely safe because it is non-invasive, and does not breach the outer skin layer.

Any signs of skin reddening after the treatment, is because of exposure to the transducer which is heated between 60 and 70 degree Celsius. But these side-effects usually vanish in a couple of hours.

Although HIFU IS not an alternative to surgical facelift, more people in Singapore prefer it because it is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

What benefits do you get?

✓ It’s a non-invasive lifting procedure for facial skin.)
✓ Improvement in facial appearance as well as skin texture.
✓ Reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
✓ Collagen production  is boosted and delays aging.)