Fractional Radio Frequency treatment results in visible tightening of the skin as well as a significant reduction in markers of aging.

In this treatment, cell regeneration, collagen production, skin tightening are stimulated by the combined application of micro-needling stamping of the dermal layers, along with heat generating radio frequency. As a result of the heat generated, weak skin cells and fibres get stimulated, resulting in elimination of fine wrinkles, open pores, loose skin and stretch marks. Apart from comprehensive skin rejuvenation, Fractional Radio Frequency(RF) is also used to decrease the size of pores, and acne-related facial scars.

How does it act?
Fractional Skin Renewal therapy adopts a two-pronged approach to skin rejuvenation. On the one hand, it creates heat in the skin's superficial layers, to break down older elastin fibres and collagen, in a controlled way. Simultaneously, the micro-needling dermal stamp repairs the skin by stimulating regeneration of skin cells. With the generation of new collagen, the skin acquires a healthy, firm and lively look coupled with significant decrease in scars.

Maximising your results
Make sure to avoid exposing your skin to sunlight, tan sprays, and solarium for a minimum of two weeks prior to undergoing the treatment. Also, do not wax your skin nor use abrasive and hard scrubs during this period.

Post-treatment, don’t forget to follow a daily skincare routine comprising a moisturiser. When venturing outdoors, apply a sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 50 and above. Avoid working out excessively and chlorinated swimming pools for two to three days after the procedure, to enjoy maximum benefits from the procedure.