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Four Questions to Help You Choose the Best Aesthetic Clinic

Finally, you have made up your mind.  You want to undergo that long overdue aesthetic procedure. The only problem is, you don’t really know where to start or how to go about it. Fair enough, when you see the plethora of aesthetic clinics and spa centres in Singapore. These cosmetic and aesthetic clinics offer such a varied range of treatments and procedures, you simply can’t make sense of it! And instead of reassuring you, the arrays of aesthetic medical equipment, technical gizmos, and high-tech techniques on display in these clinics can actually end up scaring you. But there’s absolutely no need for you to fret over these problems. Actually, zeroing in on the right cosmetic treatments and doctors can be quite a simple task if you know where to look and know what you should ask before choosing your aesthetic clinic.     

Importance of asking the right questions for aesthetic concerns   

When we have a cosmetic medical problem and then stumble across an advertisement for new equipment or product in the market, our first instinct is to call up a couple of aesthetic medical clinics to find out if they offer the product or treatment. Choosing a clinic on the basis of the treatment or equipment it has shouldn't be the way.  

Dr Chiam explains that the focus should be on finding out if a clinic offers appropriate treatments for patients' specific problems.   

Whether it’s melasma, wrinkles, fine lines, or fat reduction that trouble you, here are four questions that can help you get a better picture of its suitability for treating your particular problem.   

#1 What aesthetic treatments does the clinic offer? 

In theory, aesthetics clinics generally offer a range of treatments targeting different issues such as facial skin rejuvenation, face lifts, fat reduction, body sculpting and so on. In reality, there are very few clinics that offer the entire range of treatments and procedures required for achieving significant results. It means that an aesthetics clinic may offer several treatments but specialize in one or two areas of cosmetic medicine. So, it is important to find out if the clinic offers comprehensive treatments, especially for the specific problems you face. Remember, a good clinic should be equipped with a sufficiently wide range of equipment to allow the doctor to choose, and combine treatments where necessary, to ensure effective treatment and proper results. More importantly, it should specialize in treatments for your specific skin concerns.  

#2 Who are the doctors and what are their medical qualifications?  

There is this popular army saying which goes, “It’s not the gun but the man behind the gun that matters”. This logic holds good in aesthetics medicine too. While equipment and technology are important, ultimately it is the experience and expertise of the person handling the treatment procedures that decides the ultimate results. Whether it’s a removal of pigmentation, reducing pores, improving scars appearance, or body contouring procedure, you need to reassure yourself that the doctor is trained and has the experience to conduct the cosmetic medical procedure. So, when you call up a medical aesthetic clinic, do find out the doctors’ professional background, their years of experience, and their respective areas of specialization. Such information adds to your confidence quotient. 

#3 How much experience do the medical practitioners have?  

Over the years, cosmetics medicine and technology have been growing by leaps and bounds. It becomes important for doctors to keep abreast of developments in the field. On top of that, every patient’s problem and face is unique. To properly evaluate a problem and devise the appropriate treatment, it’s important that your doctor has sufficient experience in treating the specific skin concerns you have. Such experience always comes in handy for the doctor to properly evaluate your cosmetic problems, by dipping into the knowledge gained in the past from handling similar cases. Therefore, before committing yourself to aesthetic treatment at a clinic, it is worth finding out how much experience your doctor has, and the area of specialization too.  

#4 Can the clinic provide references and testimonials?

In today’s digital age, social media presence and the feedback of clients are easily available and can be accessed on the internet. Reputed clinics take the trouble to keep their social media pages updated with patients’ feedback and comments. Reviews and feedback on platforms such as Google, are a reasonably good indication of a cosmetic clinic’s reputation. Too few or too many reviews, negative reviews or positive feedback, everything gives us a clue on the clinic’s track record and alerts us to potential problems. So, always ask the cosmetic clinic to provide you with feedback and testimonials from past patients. 

The things that really matter in aesthetic problems’ treatment 

The bottom line is that when it comes to your skin and body aesthetics, it pays to play safe when scouting for a good cosmetic medicine clinic. So, opt for a registered cosmetic clinic that is staffed by trained and certified medical doctors with sufficient experience. Your chosen clinic should also be equipped with a sufficient number of equipment that is quite up to date. It should also have good testimonials to back its claims of success and expertise. Also, the clinic of your choice should specialize in treating your specific skin or fat problem. 

Follow these thumb rules, and skin treatment, fat reduction procedure or face lift, you’ll be confident personified when you walk into the clinic and put yourself in the doctor’s hands. At Ensoul Medical Clinic, you’ll find that the doctors are certified and have vast experience in the different aspects of cosmetic procedures. Remember, a few good questions can save you lots of trouble in the future.