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Eczema Treatment Singapore | What are the Alternative Options Can You Explore?

Start your eczema treatment early.

Eczema can affect many parts of your body. It will turn out to be your worst nightmare when left untreated. The relentless itch and sleepless nights cause despair and stress on our mental well-being. The anxiety and stress, in turn, triggers more eczema breakouts to create more despair and stress. The vicious cycle continues. 

Other than the damages eczema inflicts on our skin, it also takes a toll on our mental well-being and self-esteem.

When All Else Fails

Eczema remedies such as traditional medications, new age creams and lotions, and steroids have been around for decades. However, the results are not always effective. With the development of technology,  lasers and energy-based devices have made improvements to eczema treatments.

Treating eczema with lasers and energy-based devices is comfortable, with minimal discomfort and downtime. On top of that, they yield the desired results to reduce the inflammation caused by eczema. 

Eczema Treatment with Energy-based Devices

The best part of these energy-based treatments is that they use naturally occurring elements of our universe – Light and Sound. 

Down through the centuries, natural sunlight was prescribed as a remedy for eczema symptoms. It was believed that sunlight helps to reduce the skin's inflammatory responses. In modern times, light therapy harnesses the different wavelengths of light to treat this skin condition. This is especially useful when medications have failed to show results. The underlying principle of laser therapy to treat eczema uses light of different wavelengths to reduce inflammation of the skin. There is also a positive impact on the immune system. The laser treatment for eczema can be applied anywhere on the body or even in a localized fashion. For example, on the hands and feet. 

Similarly, ultrasound therapy is another useful energy-based treatment for eczema. Here, instead of light, it is sound waves that are used as healing instruments. The principles are the same in both modalities. Anti-ageing and dermatologic scientists accord importance to selective stimulation of the different molecular components. Proper modulation of these components is crucial to achieve results that are aesthetic and dermatologically acceptable. 

Alternative Eczema Treatment

Laser Therapy 

Laser is commonly used medical device that effectively uses light to create the required biological corrections, or Photobiomodulation, in our body. Basically, amplified single wavelength light is used to induce physiological changes in the cells and tissues. This is done in order to heal, eliminate pain and reduce inflammation.

Several researches have established that light in different wavelengths causes different biological impacts on the human body. Similarly, there are also studies to show that cellular molecules selectively absorb light of different wavelengths.

Lasers have displayed their capability to significantly reduce skin nodules, inflammation, and itchiness in treating eczema. In fact, skin areas treated with laser are seen to retain the results over longer durations. At Ensoul Medical Clinic, we invested in a wide repertoire of laser devices that can be used singly, or in combination, to achieve desired result. With these devices, you will find that eczema is no longer a problem.

Types of Laser Treatment Devices

  • Long pulsed ND: YAG Laser

    The long-pulsed 1064nm ND:YAG Laser is a good non-ablative laser to use for the treatment of eczema. Not only does this laser reduce inflammation, but it also induces collagen stimulation which helps revive the skin’s lost health and quality. This accelerated rate of collagen production and destruction significantly slows down the aging process of skin. Not just that, it also helps in resolving several skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Another advantage is that when used in combination with other energy-based treatments, these laser devices also substantially decrease the incidence of aberrant protein folding, which is a crucial factor in the ageing process.
  • Nanosecond Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser

    Whether it’s superficial or on a deeper level, this pigment reducing laser is used extensively of treatment of several skin discoloration issues. Patients with severe eczema may scratch intensively until the skin bleeds, exposing themselves to the potential risk of infection. As the eczema begins to heal, the skin can suffer from dyspigmentation problems also known as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), a fallout of such damage to the skin. This type of pigment-seeking laser which produces light beams in 532nm and 1064nm nanosecond bursts, can be used selectively in the lightening of different kinds of skin pigmentation.
  • Picosecond Q-switched Nd:YAG

    Developed to produce less heat, the Picosecond Nd:YAG laser is also appropriate for reducing pigmentation as well as for inducing skin rejuvenation. Due to the ultra-short wavelength pulse, the surrounding tissues suffer minimal damage. This, in turn, helps in strengthening the barrier functions of the skin, and also microvascular remodelling. Since the production and overactivity of biochemical mediators are reduced, the internal structure of the dermis is strengthened. This treatment can raise collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (HA) levels of the skin. Coupled with immunomodulation to reduce inflammation, these treatments aid in boosting the skin’s general health.
  • 577nm Yellow Laser

    Another powerful tool for treating the most prevalent form of eczema, Atopic dermatitis (AD). AD is a chronic inflammatory disease that has manifests as a recurring inflammation caused by a combination of weaknesses in the skin barrier and hyper-immune sensitivities. When observed on a microscopic level, the dermal papilla is full of dilated and distorted vessels. Coupled with several immunoreactive factors, these abnormal dermal papillae worsen the inflammation. This leads to the never-ending cycle of itching and irritation.
    It is in these circumstances that the blood vessel is chosen as the target for delivering therapy. The blood vessel is a crucial component in the treatment of chronic inflammation in AD. The increased blood absorption of the 577nm wavelength allows the yellow laser to treat abnormal redness and blood vessels such as dilated veins on the face. Simultaneously, the skin also absorbs the energy that the laser emits, resulting in enhanced collagen structure. All this adds to the overall thickness and health of the skin.

Ultrasound Therapy 

In this therapy, sound is the healing element used for ushering in positive change in the skin’s condition. There are two principal methods of producing ultrasound energy for providing therapy - thermal and mechanical. Both therapies produce the sound waves to penetrate the soft tissues and begin the healing process. 

The two types of ultrasound therapy basically differ only in their frequency or rate at which sound waves penetrate the tissues. 

Thermal Ultrasound

  • In thermal ultrasound therapy, the continuously transmitted sound waves generate miniscule vibrations in the deep tissue molecules. This process creates a friction which in turn generates heat. The warming effect promotes cellular metabolism and boosts the healing mechanism within the soft tissues. 

Mechanical Ultrasound

  • Apart from a marginal warming effect, the sound waves also cause expansion and contraction of tiny gas bubbles within the soft tissues. This, in turn, reduces the inflammation and leads to reduced swelling and pain. 

Eczema Therapy

At Ensoul Medical Clinic, the dual-frequency ultrasound wave technology is used for treating eczema. Operating at a frequency of 500 oscillations per second, the technology targets the skin tissue with ultrasonic waves. The thermal energy or heat which is produced in the process, has a therapeutic effect on the eczema condition. The treatment helps in stimulating the blood circulation and blood supply to the treatment area. 

More Than Just An Eczema Treatment

Apart from metabolic stimulation, this technology also accelerates the diffusion of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and glucose, leading to enhanced permeability of the tissues. By activating the fibroblasts, treatment also improved skin elasticity, turgor, and tighter connective tissue. 

The dual technology produces hybrid waves that apply special pressure gradients on the tissues. These waves help in cell repair and strengthening of connective tissues to improve the signs of ageing.

It’s Your Skin. Give it Health, with the Assurance of Safety and Results

Steadily gaining strong and healthy skin is always an advised approach to control eczema. Instead of suppressing the overactive immune response with steroids or other immunosuppressive medications, these methods of improving skin health using energy-based devices are strategies many patients prefer to treat their eczema.