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Why does the delicate skin under our eyes turn dark and appear sunken? Do these only happen when we are aging? Read on to understand more about the causes of sunken eyes and treatment options that revitalize the tired-looking peepers.

Sunken Eyes—Causes & Treatment

What Causes Sunken Eyes?

There are many possible reasons for the cause of sunken eyes. One of the biggest culprits is aging. As we grow older, we lose fat and bone density, our skin becomes thin as we began to lose collagen and elastin. The entire structure that is holding the support for our face also began to slowly deteriorate. The pigmentation and dilation of blood vessels under the eyes can make our eyes look sunken, tired and old. Dramatic weight loss can also make our blood vessels around the eyes to look more visible, lack of sleep and dehydration can cause lethargy and visible sunken eyes and dark eye circles.

Sunken Eyes: Treatment Options

Lifestyle changes is important and if your sunken eyes continue to worsen over time, we recommend seeking help from a medical physician. Cosmetic medical intervention can correct sunken eyes that occur as a result of aging and genetics. As sunken eyes can cause emotional stress for some individuals.

Sunken eyes treatment includes;

Patients who are afraid of surgery can opt for non-surgical approaches such as dermal fillers and medical lasers. In our clinic, we use a combination of treatments to resolve this condition. We use epidermal and dermal laser modalities to tighten the lax skin and use pigment removing laser to reduce pigmentation on the skin and increase the dermal collagen matrix. Through this approach, we can tighten, tone and firm the loose skin beneath the eye, reducing dark eye circles and sunken eyes and improving them back to their former youthful state. Hyaluronic dermal fillers are used to add volume. The hyaluronic acid fillers are dissolvable for safe absorption by the body and be can be reversed if required.

Treatment Solutions for Sunken Eyes
Dr Kenneth Thean