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Neurotoxin Injection for a V-shaped Jaw

Neurotoxin Injection can also modify the contour of your jawline. An attractive female face looks like an inverted triangle, where the top of the face gradually tapers into a sharp chin. A male face typically has a square jawline, which gives the face a box like shape. Jawline contouring using neurotoxin injection is a cosmetic procedure performed on women.

The old method used to sculpt the jawline was to undergo plastic surgery. Many patients did not want to go through the operation to shave the jawbone, or remove the outer layer of the lower jawbone to reduce the muscles there. Facial implants are an effective alternative and be used to amend the shape.

To attain a smaller jawline, today we use neurotoxin injection to shrink overdeveloped masseter muscles. The masseter muscle is located in the jaw, and its main purpose is to move the jaw for chewing food and clenching the teeth. This muscle typically enlarges with age. People who have large masseters will have a square jawline. Nonsurgical jawline contouring with the drug relaxes the masseter muscles, so that the muscle gradually reduces in size. The balance of the face is restored, and her appearance is softened by matching a slim jaw with her other female facial features, like a small nose and large bright eyes.

The treatment is safe, painless, and fast. It is also an effective lunchtime procedure. There is no recovery time, and you can continue with your normal daily activities with no downtime. Long term masseter muscle reduction can be achieved in many patients with a complete course of injections.