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Chin Augmentation—A Better Profile Without Surgery

A strong chin is an important element of an attractive face. An ample chin can add definition, help create symmetry and bring balance to facial features.For individuals with average to moderate chins, We perform non-surgical chin augmentation by using injectable dermal fillers. This technique is a quick and excellent alternative to surgery.

For surgical candidates who are interested in viewing their potential results before undergoing surgery, this non-surgical method is a great first step.

Non Surgical Chin Augmentation and the Aging Face

As we age, the mandible (jawbone) gets smaller, and we begin to lose fat around the mouth and chin. These gradual changes can cause marionette lines, thinning and wrinkling around the lips, as well as contribute to jowling. Injectable fillers can be placed both around the mouth and along the chin to add volume to the face and create a more youthful appearance. The non-surgical chin augmentation technique places a dermal filler under the skin using a needle or micro-cannula to add volume and projection to the chin.

Chin filler treatment is comfortable and requires minimal downtime. This procedure can last for about 9-12 months and hyaluronic acid fillers are reversible if you wish to revert to its original appearance. For an enhanced chin, we recommend to undergo regular injections for maintenance.