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What are Bunny Lines?

Bunny lines are fine wrinkles that appear when you scrunch up your nose, especially when you laugh or smile deeply. As we grow older, the repeated contraction of facial muscles will form deep skin wrinkles. The more you use your facial muscles, the deeper your wrinkle furrows will become. These wrinkles are known as dynamic lines.

Bunny Lines are Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are only present with certain expressions. They can be reversed by neurotoxin injections. As your overlying skin becomes damaged and these muscles get stronger, your wrinkles will mature into static skin creases, which are permanently present. It is impossible to smooth out permanent wrinkles using neurotoxin injections alone, as you will also require fillers to be injected. It is therefore not a good idea to wait until lines become fixed into the skin, as it is much more difficult to rectify.

Why You Should Treat Dynamic Wrinkles?

Treating dynamic wrinkles early with neurotoxin injection prevents permanent creases from forming, because the muscles that you treat can no longer create strong creases in your skin. By starting neurotoxin injection early, and repeatedly treating your dynamic wrinkles, you will prevent these from maturing into permanent static wrinkles. You may eventually require neurotoxin injection less often.

Treatment for Bunny Lines

Neurotoxin injection is a muscle relaxant that reduces the activity of muscles. Hence, when selectively injected into bunny lines, the wrinkles disappear. However, this effect is temporary and will last for about 4 to 6 months. With regular use of neurotoxin, these lines can often be completely erased. The correct dosage and placement of neurotoxin injection is important, to ensure your face remains capable of expression. The results of this procedure eliminate the wrinkles, leaving your face looking fresh and youthful!

The most effective areas that can be treated with neurotoxin injection are:

  • The frown lines between the brows.
  • Horizontal expression lines of the forehead.
  • Nose wrinkles (bunny lines).
  • Outer corners of your eyes, commonly known as the crow’s feet; and Brows, to give a lifted and natural brow lift.
  • A wrinkled chin.

Treatment with neurotoxin injection is safe and the procedure itself does not take very long. Additionally, an instant recovery means that you can continue with your daily activities with no downtime. Lasting up to 4 to 6 months.

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