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Effective Non Surgical Body Contouring and Sculpting Treatment in Singapore

Look and Feel Your Best with an Effective Fat Reduction Treatment

When you feel confident about your appearance, it positively impacts how you carry yourself in every aspect. In order to build our image, we work out, maintain a healthy diet or even visit a body slimming center. Many times, stubborn fat deposits in and around our midsections don't respond to diet and exercise as expected.

Modern science explains this riddle. By the time we are five years old, the number of adipocytes or fat storage cells we will finally have in our bodies is, by and large, decided by our genetic programming. That is, the number of fat cells in our bodies is relatively fixed and unchanged. Fat cells in our bodies increase or decrease in size depending on our weight gain or loss, which is why weight loss or gain does not affect the number of fat cells.

Earlier, liposuction was the preferred solution for stubborn fat pockets in the body. But it’s an invasive surgery and expensive. Strides in medical science have led to the development of fat reduction and body slimming technologies. These include lasers thermolysis and cryolipolysis technology to reduce tummy or arm fat. These technologies are non-invasive yet effective and safe.

Ensoul Medical Clinic places a high value and importance on patient safety and results. That’s why, at Ensoul, FDA approved machines like Sculpsure and CoolSculpting are used for body sculpting.

Which Body Slimming Treatment is Suitable for Me?

Since every person is different in terms of their physical proportions, genetic makeup, lifestyle, dietary habits, treatment suitability can also vary from person to person. Body Sculpting is not a fat reduction procedure that follows the ‘one size fits all’ principle. Research conducted in this area shows that the fat cells are more fragile to therapeutic levels of heat and cold, and are therefore able to be destroyed. Some people have fat cells that are more cold-resistance while the fat cells in others may be heat-resistant for body slimming. By using a combination of CoolSculpting to slim down, which is a fat freezing procedure, and SculpSure laser thermolysis technologies, we can target both types of fat cell populations. This way your transformation becomes a reality.

At Ensoul, we have dedicated ourselves to help you achieve your specific needs. In that direction, we offer a comprehensive range of services that can convert your dreams of a shapely body into beautiful reality.

The Process between Fat Freezing & Laser Treatment

The CoolSculpting who is going through the body contouring and sculpting procedure is primarily applied on patients having more of the ‘pinchable’ type of fat deposits in their bodies. This procedure employs a fat freezing technique to specifically target those very areas that fat deposits exist. The body slimming procedure is quite comfortable. A cup-shaped vacuum applicator is placed on the skin surface atop the fatty deposits. Extremely low temperatures of up to -13°C are focused on the target area, to freeze and destroy the fatty cells lurking just below the skin. Over the following 6 to 12 weeks, the targeted fat cells are gradually expelled from the body, leaving you with less localized fat and a better-shaped body slimming look.

SculpSure is a Laser Thermolysis procedure that gently heats subcutaneous fatty cells, with the help of laser energy at a specific wavelength. A cooling plate ensures that the skin surface remains unaffected. Treated area is cooled down and maintained during the course of the laser treatment. The temperatures used in this procedure range between 42°C and 47°C. The application of heat results in damage to the targeted fat cells’ structure. Subsequently, the damaged fat cells are expelled from the body over the following 8 to 12 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does Body Contouring procedure cost?

Every body is unique, the cost is dependent on variable factors;

  • The number of area(s) you would like to target
  • The size of the targeted area(s)
  • The type of fats
  • The patient’s desired results

A detailed body assessment is required in order to provide a suitable treatment plan and an accurate quote.

Q2. How many body sculpting treatments will I need?

Every patient is different. It varies from person to person as each of us is different in terms of physical proportions, problem areas, genetic makeup and dietary habits. A clear picture of treatment requirements will emerge after a personal consultation with Dr. Kenneth Thean and a body assessment complete by our Body Specialist. Your treatments will be planned on the basis of findings during consultation and body assessment. Schedule an appointment for a personal consultation to discuss the possibilities in this regard.

Q3. Is body contouring treatment suitable for men and women?

The body contouring works equally well for both men and women. The treatment is customizable to cater to an individual’s body shape and needs.

Q4. Am I a candidate for fat reduction treatment?

Body Contouring is not a weight loss program for the overweight or obese. This treatment aims to achieve better body contours by ridding the stubborn fat cells that resist conventional solutions like diet control and exercise.

Body Contouring is for you, if you're; 

  • Relatively healthy
  • Can grab at least an inch of fat, from the desired area, between your thumb and index finger;
  • Not pregnant.
  • Have stubborn pockets of fat resistant to healthy diet and regular exercise

To learn more about which type of fat reduction modalities will be suitable for you and if you are a good candidate for this non-surgical body slimming procedure, consultation and body assessment are required during your first appointment. Schedule an appointment with our doctor today.