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What are Birthmarks?

Birthmarks are a common type of discoloration that appear on your skin at birth or during the first few weeks of life and they’re usually noncancerous. It can occur anywhere on your face or body. Birthmarks vary in colour, size and appearance as well as shape.

Birthmarks are split into two categories, Vascular Birthmarks (Red) or Brown Birthmarks (Pigmented birthmarks)

1.Vascular coloured (Red) birthmarks are caused by a localized area of abnormal blood vessels.

Types of Vascular Birthmarks;

  • Salmon patches – which are usually red or pink patches occur around the eyes area of the back of the neck.
  • Hemangiomas – these birthmarks are usually in pink, blue or bright red colour and be found on extremities, head or neck.
  • Port-wine stains (nevus flammeus) – is a discoloration of the human skin caused by a vascular anomaly, they usually start out as pink, or red and turn to dark red or purple.

2. Pigmented (Brown) birthmarks arise from localized areas of excessive pigmentation.

Types of Pigmented Birthmarks;

  • Moles – moles range in colour from pink to light brown to black, they are usually flat or raised that can occur on your face or body.
  • Café au lait spots – translate as “”coffee with milk”” in french, this spots are often pale brown in color and shape like an oval.
  • Mongolian blue spots – are flat, bluish gray spots that are often mistaken for bruising, usually occur in individuals with naturally dark skin.

Methods to Remove Birthmarks

Laser treatments has been proven to remove or significantly lighten brown spots or bring your skin closer to its normal colour. The laser uses highly concentrated pulsing beams of light that can be adjusted for strength dependent on the type of birthmarks. To date, laser therapy has been proven successful for removing birthmark. Following your consultation, we will customize the most appropriate treatment for you based on the types of birthmarks you have.