What is Cellulite?

The best approach to treating cellulite, is to first understand the causal factors and the science behind them.

Cellulite takes shape when the fat cells gather and push upwards against the skin even as other connective tissues get pulled downwards. This push - and - pull process results in giving an unsightly, uneven texture to the skin surface. The stomach, hips and thighs are the most common skin areas that cellulite tends to form.

Although cellulite affects both, men and women, it is  the women who suffer more commonly due to the difference in distribution patterns of fat, muscle, and connective tissue. While in men, the fibrous septa holding the subcutaneous fat are arranged in a lattice pattern, they are shaped in a parallel pattern for women.

As we age, these connective tissue septa tend to lose their elasticity and grow shorter. Similarly, the subcutaneous fat begins to accumulate and the skin becomes thinner as we lose collagen. As a result, the fat bulges through to create the unsightly nodules on the skin surface. Circulatory insufficiency and inadequate lymphatic drainage are another reason for the formation of cellulite.

It is a common misconception that cellulite will disappear with weight loss. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case always. Since cellulite is located in the upper levels of the skin,  when fatty tissue and volume are reduced, the cellulite does not always disappear. Cellulite condition is difficult to treat as there isn't any one single treatment modality in the market that can effectively remove all the cellulite. But by using an appropriate combination of medical grade technologies, cellulite deposits can be  visibly reduced.

Types of Cellulite

There are three grades of cellulite;-

Grade I
The skin becomes pale and when pinched, acquires a sagging tone with an "orange-peel" appearance.

Grade II 
Visible lumps and bumps are evident while standing up but disappear when lying down horizontally. 

Grade III
The skin exhibits an unmistakably dimpled and wavy appearance, also commonly known as the "mattress" skin tone.

Cellulite Deep Heat Therapy

Unsightly cellulite nodules (also known as “orange peel skin”) can easily be eliminated with our Cellulite Buster Treatment. This completely safe treatment plan comprises a combination of treatment modalities which include laser thermal, microwaves and high energy shockwaves to produce fast and visible results.

Each of these treatment targets the three major areas:

  1. Fibrous Tissue Septa
  2. Subcutaneous Fat
  3. Skin Quality

The treatment utilizes high energy to stimulate collagen production, boost blood circulation and break down subcutaneous fat in affected areas – without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The result is remarkable as it not only reduces the cellulite, but also helps to firm and smoothen the skin. Get ready to buy new swim suits and flaunt your bikini body with your new-found confidence!

How Does The Treatment Work?

This non-surgical procedure is a completely safe treatment that’s popular for its fast effectiveness and enduring results.

For patients with Grade 3 Cellulite, we recommend the laser thermolysis machine. It is effective for the fibrous septa and permanent fat reduction as it is capable of generating temperatures up to 47°C to permanently destroy fat cells, and complemented with a microwave machine enabling deeper penetration.. The heat therapy helps stimulate fibroblast to grow more collagen and elastin, making the skin firmer and tauter. As an adjunct treatment, we also use a high-energy radial shockwave that consists of 2 components – a positive pressure pulse and a comparatively smaller tensile wave component.

The shockwave squeezes the surrounding tissue and breaks the grid structure of the molecules, while the tensile wave deflates gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation) – which then re-expand after the high-energy radial shockwave hits them, resulting in a destabilization of fat structures. Visible results can be seen and felt within a few treatments. Your skin will feel much firmer, smoother and healthier. Cellulite and stretch marks will be noticeably reduced or even eliminated. In just a few short weeks, you could once again be wearing your favourite outfits, thanks to the self-confidence of having beautiful, cellulite-free skin!



The ENSOUL Medical Clinic is the result of medical experience gained over 36 years. Our founder and Medical Director, Dr. Kenneth Thean’s vision for excellence is entrenched in the clinic’s ethos, and guides us in our journey towards perfection. Treading the path that he has so carefully laid out, our team of dedicated and trained professionals help you plan your body transformation, and with it, regaining your self-confidence.


The technology we rely upon is designed for patient-safety and effective output in a non-invasive manner. Even the destroyed fat cells are ejected from the body through the body’s inbuilt waste disposal mechanism. Noticeable and long-lasting effects in terms of reduced fat and improved body contouring will be evident within 8 to 12 weeks after you undergo the procedures.


To ensure the safety of our patients, and the effectiveness of our results, we use FDA approved body sculpting equipment and technologies.


For us, patient comfort and privacy come first. And so, we have designed elegant treatment rooms to give a positive and a relaxed atmosphere. We take utmost care of patients’ needs during the treatment.