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5 Myths of Retinoid: Debunked 

It is no secret that topical retinoids like retinol cream offer several benefits making it a popular active ingredient in the skincare and beauty industry. But despite its proven efficacy in stimulating cell turnover, many are unsure of when to use retinoids and how they should use retinoids. We debunk 5 myths about retinoids in this article.  


Tranexamic Acid for Melasma: Benefits & Side Effects  

Is Tranexamic Acid the answer to melasma? In the field of skin brightening and lightening hyperpigmentation, tranexamic acid has risen the ranks amongst the popular ingredients like Vitamin C and Kojic Acid in its effectiveness in skin whitening. But is this the miracle cure for stubborn pigmentation like melasma?


5 Benefits of IPL Treatment for Acne

Intense pulsed light (IPL) has been a cosmetic treatment for aging skin for a long time. Aside from aging and hair removal, IPL treatment also has a multitude of benefits that can help to treat acne, lighten superficial pigmentation, brightens the skin and etc.


Treatments For Different Types of Acne

Don’t let pesky pimples and acne scars affect your quality of life! Erase these pimples, acne marks and rid your face of scars. Knock out these skin problems and gain your confidence back! All it takes is the right info and the right treatments.