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Bid Goodbye to Sunken Eyes, Say Hello to Lovely Eyes!

Apart from equipping us with the ability to see the world, our eyes help us convey our feelings to people around us. No wonder, some poet of a bygone era described eyes as windows to the soul. They play a crucial part in expressing our emotions. Whether you’re feeling joy, sorrow, or anger, rest assured, those orbs in your face can speak eloquently without you uttering even a word. Not surprisingly your eyes also provide insights into your health -physical as well as emotional. Keeping your eyes and the surrounding areas looking healthy and nice, adds to your face value!  

a women with a sunken eyes problem

If bright, shiny, happy eyes are an indication that you’re in the pink of health, then dull, sunken eyes say the opposite – that something’s not right. So, what do we mean by sunken eyes, and how do we treat tired and sunken eyes?    

Find out If You Have Tear Troughs 

Sunken eyes is also known as tear trough hollows, under-eyes hollows, skeletonized eyes and deepened upper eyelid sulcus.

Ironically, even as we use our eyes to see everything, we invariably tend to not notice when we are afflicted with the sunken eyes’ syndrome.  A lot of people end up with sunken eyes without even realizing it! In layman’s terms, sunken eyes refer to the condition where they appear to have literally sunk deep into the face. When you look into the mirror and notice hollows and dark circles surrounding your eyes, it means you have a sunken eyes problem. Usually, the skin under the eyes, is relatively darker than on other parts of the face.   

More Symptoms of Sunken Eyes 

  1. The skin in the under-eye areas tends to get thinner and transparent  
  1. You can see wrinkles and crows’ feet developing around the eyes 
  1. You can notice depletion of subcutaneous fat and loss of elasticity 
  1. Blood vessels in the area become more prominent 
  1. The lower eyelids develop a noticeable shadow 

The skin under your eyes is the most delicate, making it easily susceptible to changes and damage. Secondly, when the sub-dermal fat drains away from beneath the eyes, the area acquires a hollowed-out look. The overall effect is, you guessed it, sunken eyes or eyes that seem pulled inwards.  Remember, anyone can end up with sunken eyes. It affects men and women of all races, in varying levels as it depends on several factors. Commonly seen as an ageing-related issue, the condition can occur in people of all ages. 

Behind the Scenes with Sunken Eyes 

Although seen as a cosmetic issue, the problem of sunken eyes actually goes beyond skin-deep. When you contemplate treatment, it makes sense to check out the likely causes. Not only will your doctor then be able to recommend an effective treatment, it can also mean significantly reducing the possibilities or severity of the condition developing again in future. Broadly speaking, sunken eyes are the outcome of ageing, health conditions, or lifestyle issues.  

#1 AgeingThis is the most prominent factor that is blamed for development of the sunken eyes syndrome. Once we are past our twenties and enter the thirties, the body begins losing collagen as well the ability to produce it. This leads to loss of healthy fat, which in turn causes the delicate skin under the eyelids, to thin further and become transparent. 

#2 GeneticsYes, sunken eyes can run in families. If anyone in your family suffers from the condition, there is a good possibility of you getting it too.   

#3 FatigueIn the long run, extreme tiredness or exhaustion can adversely affect your eyes, giving them a dull and fatigued appearance. 

#4 Faulty SleepProper and sufficient rest is a prerequisite for good health. Sleep deprivation is a known cause of dark eye circles.

#5 DehydrationWhen the body is deprived of fluids, the resulting dehydration can cause the eyes to dry up, and blood vessels in the under-eye skin areas, to stand out. 

#6 StressHigh stress levels over extended periods of time, can play havoc with your health. Stress also affects sleep and appetite. The overt outcomes include sunken and tired looking eyes. 

#7 Allergies and ReactionsMany a time the sunken eyes may be caused as a result of the body’s response mechanism to certain specific allergens. These could be anything from sunlight, pollen to food items and medications.    

#8 Sudden Weight LossTaking up crash weight loss programs or drastic weight loss due to long periods of illness can result in depletion of fat reserves all over the body, including the face. In such situations, the fat deposits under the eyes dissipate and leave the area looking sunken.  

#9 SmokingAn old-time villain that has been directly linked to sunken and tired looking eyes. Apart from making your eyes crinkle up and wrinkle, the smoke also saps away the collagen from skin.    

Effective Treatment For Sunken Eyes

Now that we have a good idea about the condition and causal factors, let’s check out the effective treatments for sunken eyes. Addressing the factors that are temporary causes, can help control the condition or prevent recurrence in future. However, repairing the damage that’s already done requires concrete measures which is possible in an aesthetics medical clinic, and the services of a qualified and experienced practitioner. 

Thanks to cosmetic medical technologies, doctors are able to repair the damage to a large extent so that after successful treatment, nobody will be able to tell that you once had the tear trough problem. 

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)Fillers: Are the available solutions for treating tear drop trough or sunken eye condition. HA has water-binding properties and is found naturally in our body . It adds volume to the skin cells and fills up the trough. In the hands of an experienced medical practitioner, the procedure usually takes no more than 30 minutes in all. The patient will feel reasonably relaxed as they do not feel pain in this procedure. The effects can last up to a year after the treatment. Juvederm and Restylane are some of HA gel fillers that doctors use in treating sunken eyes.  


Bid Goodbye to Tear Troughs with the Trusted Doctors

While the condition cannot be reversed entirely, your doctor can certainly undo a major part of the damage caused by depletion of collagen in areas under the eyes. To find out more on effective treatment, you can consult the doctors at Ensoul Medical Clinic. Book a consultation slot conveniently and make your sunken eyes and tear troughs a thing of the past!