Active acne is a very common skin problem and can infect the face, chest, shoulders and back. Acne often begins to form during your teenage years. While it generally resolves, acne can sometimes persist and be a major problem throughout your life.   

Acne during puberty is a result of your skin’s response to hormonal changes. During puberty, your skin’s sebaceous glands produces excessive sebum (skin oil). The sebaceous gland openings to the skin’s surface frequently get blocked, forming whiteheads and blackheads. The fatty acids within these blocked oil glands become infected by bacteria living on the surface of your skin. This infection leads to skin inflammation, followed by pustules, and sometimes, painful cysts.  

Acne is aggravated by stress, insufficient sleep, changes in hormone levels around the time of menses, a hot and humid environment, using incorrect occlusive sunblock or make up, close-fitting clothing and headgear. 

 Treatment for active acne should be started early. It is disfiguring and some acne sufferers develop emotional and social inadequacies. Active acne usually causes skin scarring.

To avert further damage as quickly as possible, I use a multifactorial approach to treat active acne. A combination of epidermal and dermal laser treatments, together with IPL and light therapy, with the concurrent application of topical medications, can usually clear active acne and improve the scar appearance quite rapidly.  

PER SESSION : $  200
10 SESSIONS.  : $1, 500


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