Treating Sunken Eyes and Dark Eye Circles 

Known as accelerated aging, wrinkles and sagging found below the eye area can cause concern for many patients. Thinning of the skin, loss of the collagen matrix, pigmentation and dilatation of blood vessels under the eyes can make your eyes look sunken. This also causes dark eye circles, making you look tired and old.  

The old treatment for this is to inject fillers along the lower orbital rim. However, many patients complain of lumpiness after repeated injections. 

 My non-surgical treatment combines a pigment removing laser, with epidermal and dermal laser modalities to tighten the lax skin. This treatment reduces pigmentation and increases the dermal collagen matrix. By tightening, toning and firming the loose skin beneath the eye, your dark eye circles and sunken eyes are brought back to its former youthful state.