Eczema refers to a broad spectrum of diseases where skin is affected by chronic inflammation, and can be an extremely stressful and frustrating illness. The most common form of eczema we see is called atopic dermatitis and can affect any area of the body. This internal allergy is hereditary and manifests as an itchy rash. The itch can be so frequent and intense as to make your daily life challenging and uncomfortable. The strong itch often causes poor sleep, and can even force you to take days off from your job or school. Certain activities like swimming, active sports and hot weather frequently aggravate eczema. The rash can also disfigure the skin. Eczema sufferers often make significant lifestyle changes because of their condition. Sometimes, they will wear certain clothes to cover the skin’s appearance.

Treatment of eczema is not easy and a multifactorial approach is required. It entails a detailed consultation and a customized program of energy devices, topical and oral medications, prescribed to address your unique situation. I will then personally carefully monitor your program and modify this accordingly for optimal results as you progress. Results are very gratifying as the relief from the intense itch, and the healthier skin appearance can make a substantial improvement in your life.